Need to locate licenced/shareware/freeware code/component for adding Autoupdate feature to an exe and and unmanaged dll

I have an application which is a pair of an unmanaged ActiveX dll and an exe that get installed on client/user machines.

I need to add an autoupdate functionality to my dll/exe combo, so that they can constantly ping the server and autoupdate themselves (like toolbars do), when a new update arrives on server.

Is there any existing freeware/shareware/licensed codebase or component which can enable this functionality in my application. It could be in form of a code which can be embedded in existing dll/exe or could be shipped as a third component with my application (adding new components is not a problem).

Please guide me to any source which can enable this functionality, without much time spent on coding.
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Check out ("Simple update check function") and ("S.I.V. : Simple program version checking")
swapnil001Author Commented:
just to reiterate:

Check server at specified intervals, read version# from text file, if the version number is newer than the last downloaded/executed version #.. then download the new specified .exe and replace the previous one. similarly,download new dll, unregisters the existing dll, and registers the new dll. The functionality has to be silent (e.g. do not open a web page, simply post/get the data to our server without the user seeing it).

jkr, thanks for your reply. on cursory glance, the "Simple Update Check" states a limitatin as"No automatic download is offered, the user has to download the files from your site and copy/install them". Also "S.I.V" does not work as a silent background thing. I'm not a C++ coder, but need to add this functionality to ActiveX, so would prefer to choose a third party component that can do the work for me. Any sugegstions?
>>"No automatic download is offered, the user has to download the files from your site and copy/install them"

That's not a big deal, you could do that by using

URLDownloadToFile(NULL, "", "c:\\temp\\newfile.dll", 0, NULL);

Then launch a little helper to do the copying, terminate your app and have the helper relaunch it.

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swapnil001Author Commented:
Begin completely new to the world of CPP programming, could you give me some idea about how to go about the launching a helper?

i did get some code snippets to help me out on registering/deregistering COM at

If i understand correctly: , the current dll/exe will ping the server for update, download new dll/exe and launch a helper. the helper then deregister old dll, copy new one and register a new one. Right? Can you guide me to a source which helps me understand the launching of such helper programs from C++ code?
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