Installing Compaq Tablet PC from USB Flash Drive

I have a Compaq Tablet PC that whose harddrive failed.  Compaq sent me a replacement drive, but it needs the O/S.  I am in Pennsylvania and thi external CD drive is in Arizona.  I am thinking maybe I can copy the WinXP Tablet Edition to a 1.0 GB Flash Drive, make it bootable and then install the O/S from the Flash Drive.

Any ideas if this will work?  I can get the software copied over.  Any suggestions on how I can make this thing bootable so this will work.  

I have 4 hours before the tablet needs to ship back to AZ, so I need to work fast.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Uhm... boot into DOS with a driver for the flash drive... then SYS the flash drive.
SherryGAuthor Commented:
OK.  I am a novice at this...  So I load a driver on the flash drive that will allow me to boot the tablet.  I think I have that.  

I am not sure what you mean by SYS the flash drive????
There's a DOS command called "sys". It installs the DOS operating system files on the given drive and makes the drive bootable.

I'd go about it like this:
- Make a DOS boot floppy. Put the DOS flash driver on it. Put fdisk and format on that disk.
- Boot that disk. Make sure there's a FAT16 filesystem on the flash drive, not FAT32. If you can read and write the flash drive from booting the floppy, you're good to do.
- If the flash drive is, say, E:, type "sys e:" to transfer DOS to that drive.
- Ensure the flash drive will boot in the tablet.
- Copy the WinXP files from the CD to the flash drive (using copy or xcopy or something like Norton Commander).
- Boot the flash drive in the tablet and run setup.
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SherryGAuthor Commented:
One more problem.  This tablet has no floppy drive.  All I have to work with is a USB port.  So basically, I have to do everything from the flash drive.
Right. Most of the steps have to be done on another machine. Hopefully one WITH a floppy drive.
You might also try this:

It says it's only for HP devices, but it works with many more. It's a GUI program that should make the flash drive bootable. Then you can copy with Windows XP files onto it and boot it in your tablet.

You may have to change the BIOS settings of the tablet to boot from USB.

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SherryGAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions.  Unfortunately, I was never able to get the Flash Drive to be bootable.  Maybe someone else will have better luck someday :)
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