NFS, LDAP, GNOME problem....

Hi all,

This is related to

Wesly was a big help to me there. But that part of the problem is over. I hv a up and running NFS, LDAP solution working but hv run into problems ---- which i suspect to be related to locking and NFS.

Okay here goes.

I am using Fedora Core 3 and Core 2. No other dist involved. Kernel is 2.6.7 and 2.6.9 un respectfully ;)

I hv setup nfs to export directories /home/students, /home/faculty and /home/staff from the NFS server. That server is also acting as a LDAP server. The user login is occuring but at times i get problems from gdm-binary (or gdm_binary) that it cant set up acct. management, i.e. i cant login using the graphical greeter in Fedora Core 2 (stock). Also the login is always successful in text mode. also, at times (i hvnt managed yet to identify the pattern) when i click "Log Off", the machine seems to hang (which ofcourse it isnt). The mouse works and all and after around 1 min it logs off itself. I can kill the X server using C+A+Bk tho.

What is going on?? I am new to these but am ready to explore all idead because i am using VMWare (licenced copy :)) to simulate all the machines in my "workstation." That is how i learned the tricks of LDAP Wesly!!!

Over to u folks.....and also, just adding in authconfig initiated that behavious, even when loggin in under root....


PS: Also as requested, a "ls -al .gconf" in the guest dir gives:

total 32
drwx------     4  504  502  4096  Nov 23  12:32 .
drwxr-xr-x   15  504  502  4096  Nov 23  12:36 ..
drwx------     4  504  502  4096  Nov 23  12:33 apps
drwx------     3  504  502  4096  Nov 23  12:32 desktop
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>ls -al .gconf
> drwx------     4  504  502  4096  Nov 23  12:32 .
> drwxr-xr-x   15  504  502  4096  Nov 23  12:36 ..
                          ^^^ ^^^
                          UID  GID
It sounds like LDAP issue. The normal situation should show username and group name instead of UID and GID.
1. Login as user, type "id" and post result here.
2. Do you have "group" in LDAP?
3. Do you use "authconifg" on all the clients to config using LDAP as authentication?
    "authconfig" will change the context of /etc/nsswitch.conf, /etc/ldap.conf, /etc/sysconfig/authconfig.

kidomanAuthor Commented:

you know what.... if i were to become a network admin i would do preety good.

this is what i suspect the problem is: Redhat Network Monitor.

while waiting for the user to log off, i just wandered over to the main 3 homed firewall, and ran a "tcpdump -i ethlan" (ethlan would be the NIC that servers the internal LAN, i hv nameif:ed it.) then i say that the client that was acting up was querying the site and not getting any results (because i hv blocked direct access to the internet (esp http and ftp) ). as soon as i configured the proxy setting in RHN monitor; voila; problem solved.

i dont know for sure (i hv started or rather learned to live in state since i installed my first linux) if this is the problem, but if it is (which i will know tomo when i try this in real in the univ lab) then i hv found the biggest (actually most hidden bugzilla report redhat will ever get.



PS: i will post the requested output in a short while.....
> client that was acting up was querying the site
The "rhnsd" (I forget the exact name) must be running at boot time.
Use "chkconfig --level 2345 rhnsd off" and "service rhnsd stop" to turn it off since there is no FREE RHN for
Fedora now.


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kidomanAuthor Commented:
Yes I could do the kickstart file. Thanks for the suggestion ;)
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