Veritas 9.1: Access denied to file <username>&#61478;Top of Information Store&#61478;Inbox

Backup - \\<server-name>\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes Access denied to file <username>&#61478;Top of Information Store&#61478;Inbox&#61478;i need your details by august 29th at 18-00 -  Tue, 14 Sep 2004 15:07:14 -0400.

i had the user delete this message from their mailbox, and then deleted items.   i also recreated the selection list, but i still get the error above.

i also tried to run exmerge and extract the message from the information store, but no luck..

anyone out there that can help ?
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EricAuthor Commented:
running Windows 2k3, Exchange 2k3, Veritas 9.1 sp1
This is one reason why I do not do brick level backups.
Do this, create a temporary new job and backup just that user's Exchange mailbox.  See if you get the same error.  If you don't then just recreate the job that backs up Exchange mailboxes.

I have noticed that when backing up with BE 9.1 different jobs will give different errors (or none) when backing up the same resource.  It's not something I can reproduce constantly, so I can't find out why it does that.
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EricAuthor Commented:
brick level ???
Brick level backup means backup of each individual item(mail, journal entry, calendar, etc) in the user's mailbox.  That is what you are doing.

Opposite of brick level is just backing up the information stores and directory.

Think of it like you have a hardrive full of pictures, documents and text files.  A brick level backup of that hard drive would be accessing each item on the hard drive and copying it over.  A non brick level backup would be just creating an image of the entire hard drive and storing that.

Brick level backup helps in restoring individual mail items easily.  All you have to do is drill down into BE 9.1 catalog and find the email.  Non brick level backups require a lot of effort to restore an individual email.
EricAuthor Commented:
gotcha.. just never heard of it being called Brick Level.

Also since you are using Exchange 2003 brick level backups should not be necessary anymore. You can male use of the Recovery Storage Group function.

Check out these links:
EricAuthor Commented:
I'm not trying to recover a message, I'm trying to get rid of a message that is causing the error during the backup of the mailbox store.
I have seen other issues of this type that was resolved by recreating your backup job.

But welcome to the world of brick level backups. This is one of the reasons I don't use them.
EricAuthor Commented:
i looked into those, cleaned up the information store, and am still getting an error message on a message that doesn't even exist anymore..

anyother ideas ?
EricAuthor Commented:
same thing still happening.. here's the error log:
(note, the message has been deleted from the users mailbox...)

Job Completion Status
Job ended: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 at 12:55:18 PM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xa0008488 - Access is denied.

Final error category: Security Errors

Backup - \\server-name-here\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes Access denied to file User, Name [uname]&#61478;Top of Information Store&#61478;Inbox&#61478;i need your details by august 29th at 18-00 -  Tue, 14 Sep 2004 15:07:14 -0400.

Click an exception below to locate it in the job log
Backup - \\server-name-here\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes The item \\server-name-here\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\User,Name [uname]&#61478;Top of Information Store&#61478;Inbox&#61478;&#140;&#12336;&#12336;&#12336;&#12336;&#13158;&#25396;&#13875;&#13668;&#25955;&#12897;&#25188;&#25652;&#14177;&#13921;&#12339;&#13109;&#14128;&#14129;&#13361;&#14689;&#14128;&#12336;&#25954;&#13923;&#25190;&#13108;&#13108;&#14689;&#25443;&#25908;&#26169;&#12857;&#24883;&#14393;&#25187;&#13624;&#13873;&#13364;&#12336;&#12336;&#12336;&#12336;&#13412;&#25956;&#12336;&#12336;&#25954;&#13923;&#25190;&#13108;&#13108;&#14689;&#25443;&#25908;&#26169;&#12857;&#24883;&#14393;&#25187;&#13624;&#13873;&#13364;&#12336;&#12336;&#12336;&#13104;&#25648;&#26213;&#12336;&#12336;i need your details by august 29th at 18-00 -  Tue, 14 Sep 2004 15:07:14 -0400 in use - skipped.

EricAuthor Commented:
I went back to the users once again, and checked their mailboxes.  all of the mailboxes had the
message still inside them (even after i checked before posting this question..  they were gone
before, came back...   i removed the messages again, and performed a backup.  this time it worked.

Closed, 500 points refunded.

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