ioa.exe mdm.exe - killing ?

w2k server - all sp's

I have a box that is suddenly telling me I'm running low on vm.
It's set to 800 - 1200 now.  It also freezes for short periods.  The
CPU usage goes to zero at this time judging from what I see on
the CPU usage history - but since the task manager itself doesn't
update during the freeze I can't be sure.

Looking at the processes I see that IAO.exe is using 700MB of
memory, and it and mdm.exe spend alot of time running.

When the machine locks up for these short periods mdm.exe
is usually  right at the top under system idle prcess..

Is my system dying and any practical suggestions before
I must spend the day at
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iao.exe is a process belonging to Symantec Internet security suite. mdm.exe is a debug program.  I would run adaware and spybot on your system to see if you are infected with spyware.  If not and if it still continues, I would remove your Symantec product and reinstall.  Hope this helps.

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I would guess that the virus scanner is checking a very large file.  Probably an achive or database file.  Symantec are useless at coping with large files and can often bring a system down completely.

Apart from the 'change your scanner software' solution...

1) Check to see if there are any 250Mb+ files that may be getting scanned.  ZIP's and EXE archives are common ones.
2) Make sure the scanner is set to only scan program files and documents only (or similar).

Good luck,

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