Dead mail filling up


We use Domino 6.5.1 currently.
I am a newbie to the world of managing an email server.
We have two mailboxes where dead mail goes.  Both of them are constantly getting filled with crap like viruses.  I don't know if they are harvesting or what, but they try every combination of letters & numbers @ our domain name and some of it makes it out to the users.  But mostly it just piles up in here.  Once in awhile I'll block it on the server from coming, but it will come from a different address a minute later.
Then after that piles up it seems like some of our good messages are not being sent out to outside people.  Once I "resend" it it goes fine, just like it was stuck for a day or so.
Yet there is nothing wrong with the message, tells me the gateway doesn't exist.

I don't know much about spam , just that a lot of it is spoofed and its a nightmare.  How can I avoid my dead mail filling up with these wacky spam/virus messages aside from blocking the addresses?  The domains are usually valid domains that I can't block.

Help :) Thanks!
We are currently using Norton Antivirus Corporate edition but have no spam blocking in place right now.
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6.5 has inbuilt spam blocking mechanism... you have to enable it (ref: admin help)

And also make sure you don't have any open proxies .. contact your network admin.


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The stuck messags may be Norton's fault.  It blocks the router from processing each message until the message is scanned.  If it is processing an unusal volume of messages, it can hiccough, and some messages may never get released until you manually resend.

You shoudl at least enable DNS blacklist checking which will probably stop about three quarters of your spam.  There are free services for it.  But it isn't really a true spam solution, and you shoudl consider buying a filtering service (whether the filter runs in your shop and gets updates from the service, or wether the service complete prescreens yourmail before it reahes you).

There is also a free solution called kSpam for Domino, available at -- it doesn't allow per-user settings, but it is pretty decent.
kjbbnkAuthor Commented:
How can I tell if we have an open relay? I have checked this kind of thing before in the past, and I could have sworn it said we didn't, but you never know.

As for dns blacklisting, I am anxious to use it, but will there be a high percentage of users who stop getting emails they need because certain companies are stuck on these blacklists?
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BlackmoorianDirector of Professional ServicesCommented:
Although there is probably a better solution out there and a third party SPAM solution is definitely a must in this day and age, there is a tool out there that will clean deadmail out of your It does require a little bit of tweaking but all in all does a pretty descent job of cleaning it out.

BlackmoorianDirector of Professional ServicesCommented:
One word of caution if you are using a anti-virus solution that scans objects prior to release the sometimes lists those as dead while it is awaiting scan. Thus you will have to change the code to scan for keywords in the reason to eliminate false positives. If you decide to go with this solution, I can provide code help if you need it.
To see if you have an open relay:

Sign up your domain and they will send a few test emails with the result. YOu can also query the database to see if your server(s) are listed.

Is a GREAT place to check your mail server settings and see if your configuration is correct, if you have an open relay, and so on.

If you decide to use Kspam.. I have about 15 regex expressions that work like a bandit.

Good luck,

> If you decide to use Kspam.. I have about 15 regex expressions that work like a bandit.

 Do tell!

- qwaletee
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