Client/Server network code plugin?

I am writing a multiplayer game.  I have a server that handles all of the data for the game, and a client app that does all of the 3D rendering and input control...

What I'm looking for is 2 things really, but combined they are one package:

Client/server network code, with a server-side module, and a client-side module, that I can put in to the respective projects so the server will listen for multiple connection attempts from many clients, and establish/maintain the connections.

Once the connections are made, I should have no problem doing the data transfers/sharing between the clients and the server... I just need the threads/sockets to be created and connected...

All I'm really looking for are links to pre-existing code, preferably free, that I can plug in to my projects... but if you have the modules and want to just paste the code in to your answer, that would be good too. :)
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Here is a (not-free) 3rd part component Google found.
EagleEye1975Author Commented:
That eggheadcafe one I had seen and played with... it's just example code to build your own module around.  I was looking for more of a class or module that I could simply plug in and call once on the client saying "connect to (ipaddress)" and then use that connection from then on...  If it was a class, that would be even better... create new instance of the class, then do all communication with the server via that instance...

Dim ServerConnection as new NetworkClientClass

that sort of thing...

and the server would have a completely encapsulated class for listening for however many client connections it could handle...

Dim ServerNetwork as new NetworkServerClass


Yadda yadda...
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