Adobe Reader 6 - can't save a pdf file error is "The document could not be saved. The operation is not permitted"

When I saw this error, I thought it was a security setting on the pdf file.
so I opened it in my copy of Adobe Acrobat 6 Standard to view the security settings.  There are none on the document.

I returned to the user's desk to look again and figured out that when I have Adobe Reader 6 set to open pdf files within the browser window, I can save a copy without error.

But when I have Adobe Reader set to open the pdf in the Reader application, not the browser, which is what the user prefers, I can't save a copy of the pdf.  see error in question title.

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vanspriellbAuthor Commented:
increasing point value due to no responses
1. Close all instances of Adobe Reader
2. Run Regedit and navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AcroExch.Document
3. Delete the key CLSID
4. Open a pdf file through the Internet Explorer

The CLSID-key will then be recreated with a different default value:
value before: {B801CA65-A1FC-11D0-85AD-444553540000}
value after: {00047AD4-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

vanspriellbAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the feedback.  I tried the above suggestion, but it did not work.
Same error is occuring and the CLSID-key did not get recreated.

I will look at it again after a reboot, which won't be until tomorrow AM
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>>I tried the above suggestion, but it did not work.
>>Same error is occuring and the CLSID-key did not get recreated.

Odd. Your OS is...?
I've had the same problem with Reader since installation (of v6, I think),
which was what prompted me to get involved here. The fix posted above
worked first time for me, no reboot necessary...however, I did need a
reboot on replacing the registry branch back to how it was before.
(At which point, I'm back to not being able to 'save a copy').
 I then copied and pasted the 'value after' registry key
directly into regedit. Once again, it worked. Without a reboot!?

Try changing the registry value directly, you never know.....


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vanspriellbAuthor Commented:
yes, reader is version 6.  OS is Windows 2000 SP4
I'll try what you suggested and let you know.
vanspriellbAuthor Commented:
changing the registry value directly took care of the problem.
After rebooting the PC, the CLSID key was there again but with the old value.
I changed it manually to what you suggested and that fixed the problem.

Thank you for your help.
You're most welcome.
Happy to have helped!

Further to this, I found that going to Edit, Preferences, Internet and having
"Check browser settings when starting Reader" checked, Reader would want
to 'repair' itself. You may have found this also. If so, obviously, unchecking it is
the thing to do.
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