ftp site in an Iframe

is there a problem trying to open an ftp site inside an Iframe?  The ftp site is the same location as the website ex www.web.com: ftp://user@web.com if that makes a difference.
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What happens when you try a plain ftp://web.com/ leaving the user@ part out. The @ rings me a bell about some security issue which was solved by not allowing ftp user en pwd within uri's.

I do not think u can do that..Only the result of an http request is allowed..
What you could do, is write a simple php script that would create an FTP connection, and show all the files. Then simply put that script in the iframe.

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>Use php

Better make use of the dir listing capabilities of apache then and put the files on the webserver.
Creating an ftp connection and disconnection on each page request is bound to be skyrocketing fast....

vinny45Author Commented:
any asp.net solutions

the problem with ftp://user@web.com is that using urls like http://user:pass@url.com do not work any more due to an IE patch.

I assume you actually want it as an FTP connection otherwise you could use the System.IO class to list the files out etc. (but you couldn't drag and drop a file into the window)

maybe use a frame rather than an Iframe, though you'll still have the authentication problem.

Other option is to create an activex client-side program to do it for you.

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Yes that @ is a user name through which you access login based ftp content, normally for contacting a webserver ftp location.
Fahd Murtaza
I mean @ is for....in the last comment!
For an ASP.NET solution do this:

Since the FTP server is on the same machine, just browse the hard drive using the FileSystemObject.

Also as an other option to which is EVEN easier, is just to turn on directory browsing in IIS under whatever "ftp style" directory you want and the iframe would just point to the folder like a normal web page, because there is not in index.asp or whatever, you will see all of the files like an ftp view with folders etc.

the asp.net equivelant to the FileSystemObject is the System.IO class
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