Consolidating two partitions into one during Clean Install of Win 2000 Pro

I have a computer which originally had one unpartitioned drive with Win 2000 Pro installed.

I then created two equally sized partitions and installed Win 2000 Pro on one and Red Hat Linux on the other.

I now want only Win 2000 Pro on one partition (the entire size of the drive like it was originally).

I just performed a clean install of Win 2000 Pro and chose to delete the other partition that had Linux (hoping to consolidate the two partitions into one).  

Win 2000 Pro now works fine, but there are still the two partitions.  

How can I consolidate two partitions of roughly 10 Gb into one partition of 20 Gb?

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Hello southo =)

Linux has a different file stcucture than Windows..... that's the reason Windows setup was unable to delete the Linux partition!
Now what you can try is to use KillDisk >>
It will write zeroes to the hard drive, then use windows Fdisk from a Windows Startup disk( ) and delete all partitions and create a single primary partition and then format it as FAT32..... now start the system with Win2k CD and format the drive as NTFS and then install Win2k on it!
That should give you a clean and single hard drive ;-)

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When you did the reinstall and deleted the partition, it should have given you the option to create a new partition then.  Sometimes you have to delete the partitions, go to the next step, and then reboot the box for the changes to be made.  Then you can create a new partition for the entire drive.

If you do not want to go through the install again, you can use partition magic.
southoAuthor Commented:
Thank you both.
Thanks for using EE!  Please come again.
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