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Does anyone have any experience upgrading a standalone worldship computer to networked?  I already have the 3 new worldship computers setup w/blank database pointed at a network drive.  The workstation with the live database has it on the local C drive.  The new workstations are worldship 6, the old one is 5 so I figured I'll have to upgrade that first, but after that is done is it just a matter of moving the live databse (the uows directory) up to the network share?  They want to keep the mapping edits and profiles.  Thanks Alot.
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The UPS software has one Administrative client and multiple Remote clients. The remote clients can ship but are not allowed to do any of the 'End of Day' tasks that need to be done.

Install Administrative Client

Create a share for the UPS info. Install from the CD. If you copy the files from the CD to the server and install from there you don’t get all the options. When prompted point to the share on the server to hold the data.

Installing Remote UPS client

From the UPS share find the Setup.exe in the ‘Remote’ folder.

Upgrading a Remote Client to Administrative client.
Put the UPS CD in the computer. (This won’t work if you copy the files to the server and run the setup from there)
On the CD open the Migrate Folder and choose setup.
Choose the option to change the workstation to Administrative.

After doing this the computer that was the Adminsitrative workstation will bring up a message when you start it saying that there is a new one. Click yet to demote it to the remote client.

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I didn't have any issues except that the "remote clients" can only _process_ packages.  They don't work if your importing the package information (the admin station still works [ship to address do work]) and you can't view the ship history from the remote clients.

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