Session variable issue

I have an application that uses session variables and for some reason it is not creating the cfid or cftoken variables...
this is what i have in my application.cfm
<cfapplication name="lead_mgmt"
<CFPARAM name="session.IsLoggedIn" default="NO">
<CFPARAM name="session.Username" default="">
<CFPARAM name="session.Password" default="">
<CFPARAM name="session.uid" default="">
<CFPARAM name="session.jrrid" default="">
<cfparam name="session.manLeadID" default="">

if i do a <cfdump var=#session#>
it only shows the cfparams defined above....
on a test site it would show what is above plus the ones in there by default
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Hmmm that looks right to me. My CFAPPLICATION Tag Looks like this:
<cfapplication sessionmanagement="Yes" setclientcookies="Yes" name="test">

And on the debug output on looking at a page it shows:
Session Variables:

Try this. Copy your cfapplication or the one I wrote into like a test.cfm, and load test.cfm. And then try it. My vibe is that your Application.cfm isn't even executing.

What about cookie vars, do you get the CFID/CFTOKEN cookies?

Under the CF Admin/Memory Variables, what do you have going on there? Make sure to enable Session Variables.

Hope that helps.
jduawaAuthor Commented:
if i create a test application then i see the session variable that are missing from my real application
in the debugging output un the http_are there is a cfidand cftoken but not being dumped as a session variable
jduawaAuthor Commented:
Well i think it had a little something to do with the spyware software on my pc that was blocking cookies or csomething, because after i deleted the cookie my app created it works ok...go figure, please refund the points...
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