Appllet crashes IE with Java1 RTE. IE with Java2 works fine

Some Java2 RTEs look dodgy as well.
Any Ideas.

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because the applet java code is compliant with Java2 Plugin, maybe the applet is using APIs only found starting from Java2
milan_novkovicAuthor Commented:
Normaly, in the past, if I was using Java2 class of method I would get exception but IE would not crash.
some specific details is needed, fo example:
is this issue a machine specific or happens on IE on any machine?
what does this applet do?
what is the crash message?

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milan_novkovicAuthor Commented:
It is happening on Java1 RTE machines. Program is very complex and has multiple threads.
It start but as I start clicking aroudn it crashes the browser.
If I start IE from command prompt there are no messages.
There are no messages in event viewer either.
milan_novkovicAuthor Commented:
I traced my problem to:

   try {
      if (...) {
    catch   ....

When I took "if" and "continue" out of "try" browser stopped crashing.
I know I am superficial Java guy and should go for books but I would rather give you points for an explanation.

can u post the rest of the loop
milan_novkovicAuthor Commented:
The rest is non-eventful (no java2 classes or methods). As code belongs to one of my
programmers and I just helped with the debugging I'll post it later when he gets in.
milan_novkovicAuthor Commented:
Our client corrects me now and says that he is using 1.4.2_6
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