Using a field as link.

I have R6 and Notes.
I have a computed when composed field that I'd like to use as a link is this possible?
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Yes.  Just select the field, create->hotspot URL, then change the link type to URL.  YOu may need to add some temporary dummy text aruond the field while selecting it, in order to create the hotspot, but you can delete the extra text once the hotspot is created.

If you want the link to be fixed, you just fill in the URL in the properties box.  If you want the URL to come form the vaue of a field (e.g., your computed field), then click the "@" button, and type the name of the field, or a formula based on the field.
cyleAuthor Commented:
   Increased the points for a follow-up. Your suggestion worked well but the value of the field that I used as a link is a document number which I need to search and open. I am not so familiar with using formulas to achieve this. Can you please help?
How is this doc link obtained ?

If you pass raw document id to a computed field.. it will be displayed as document link. Some cases the response holds the $Ref object refering to the parent doc.. when placed in a computed field will create a link to the parent doc. Is this what you are looking for.

More details could help give you some soln

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By doucmnet number, do you mean one of the Notes internally generated numbers, or a key value that you set?

Notes-generated .NotesID / @NoteID value -- I would suggest getting away from this, as it is not suported in R6.  If you must use it, you can use it exactly as in the next paragraph, because either will work the same way.

Notes-generated UniversalID / @DocumentUniqueID -- also known as UNID and document replica ID.  If this is in teh same database, then following formula should work:
dbFile := @Subset(@DbName;-1);
dbURL := "/" + @ReplaceSubstring(dbFile; "\\" : " "; "/" : "+");
docURL + "?OpenDocument"

If it is your own key value, then a very similar formula will work.  First, you need to build a view, which I will call LOOKUP_DOC_KEY.  The view should only contain the documents you wish to allow the links to, and it should have a single column, sorted, and that column should be the field in the document that contains the key (i.e., not the field in the document that contains the link, but the field in the document being liked to).  The formula is the same as the previous one (notice how I cleverly used that view name above -- Domino ignores the view name in the URL if using a Notes-internal ID, but uses the view name to lookup the document if using any value that does not seem to be an internal ID).
cyleAuthor Commented:
I tried your suggestion and I cannot seem to make it work. This is waht I did.

BAseqnum is a generated number not UNID

docURL := dbURL + "/BAnumLookup/" + @Text(BAseqnum);

This is the URL that it created


Error "Cannot find server"

I just tried it, and it seems to work.  

Please do the following:

1) Paste here the code of the link formula exactly as is

2) Open one of those documents in teh Notes client, and hover over the link.  What EXACTLY does it display in the status bar?

3) What version of Domino server?  WHat version fo client?  What version of Designer?  (I know yu say R6, but they could all be different versions)

4) Are you expecting users to click on the link in the Notes client or on the web?  Please confirm that this is all on the web.  If using Notes client for any of this, the procedure is COMPLETELY different.
cyleAuthor Commented:
I have all R6 and Notes Client.
Do you have server called Additional Databases ?

Secondly did you enable http task on this server..

Better can't you use Notes protocol rather than http  ?
OK, what I just described was for a web link.  Here's the equivalent code for a Notes client.  Make it an action link.

@Command([OpenView]; "LOOKUP_DOC_KEY"; ""; "1");

That will allow the Notes client to open another document in teh Notes client, using the specified view and the key field to find the document within the view.

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