Exchange 2003 + Windows 2003 OWA Security Problem

Hi there,

I am having a problem with users accessing OWA.
I have a test user in our domain, added to the groups Domain Users and Outlook Web Access Users.
The Outlook Web Access Users group has log on locally assigned in the Local Security Policy on the local machine.

If I log on to the machine locally and type localhost/exchange in the browser it is fine.

However, we have added the url to the exchange box for external access. When they try to access using this url they are having problems. So there is something going on with this url. This occurrs both inside and outside the network, it is not a dns issue as the host has been setup in our internal dns and the url resolves to the right ip address from behind and outside the firewall.
(ie internal access resolves to and external to the external ip which the firewall forwards).

There are some users that can access this, they are the administrators/domain admins etc.

They are receiving Error:Access is Denied

Another thing, if the users that can access the box type MACHINENAME\exchange they login to exchange transparently, if they use the they are required to login via IE.

The exchange box is not currently running Forms Based Authentication.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been doing my head in for near on 2 days of google/experts searching and randomly tearing hair out/fiddling with security setting.

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Not 100% sure but you have said

The Outlook Web Access Users group has log on locally assigned in the Local Security Policy on the local machine.

so I would make sure the above group also has access to logon via network.

Apologies I can't be precise but this is where I would start - especially as Admins can access OWA ok.


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Have you looked at IIS secuity setting?

It almost looks as though it could be how you are authenicating users with IIS.


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miken05Author Commented:
Ian.. Legend thank you so much.
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