Internet Explorer new windows always same size as last closed window

This has never happened before, but when I open up new IE (6.0) windows it always opens up the same size as the last IE window that was closed.  For example, I start a fresh IE window and go to a website that has a link that opens a 200x200 px popup window, but instead of opening up at 200x200 as it should, it opens up to the same size as the freshly opened IE window.  This happens in the reverse case as well, where if I have a popup window open that is 200x200 (even if I manually resize it down to 200x200) and then close that popup and open a new IE window, it opens up at the smaller 200x200 dimmension.  I can't find settings in IE to disable this.  Any thoughts?

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Loaded any new windows updates lately?  Run the normal Spybot and AdAware programs to search for spyware?  I have sometimes experienced this but after scanning my system for everything and a couple of reboots it goes back to normal.  Then again, I normally will also size an IE window to the size I want and then use File>Exit to keep it that size.
Try this:.

1. Open any Internet Link in new a new Internet Explorer Window and resize this new window to full screen, then before closing hold down the the Shift key and  close the window.
You're supposed to hold down the CTRL key when you close a Window for it to remember.
Try this:

Close all IE windows.

Open regedit

start button=>run=>type in "regedit"=>OK button=>file menu=>export registry=>browse to the root of a drive (C:\ will do nicely)name the file (backup.reg?)=>click save button

navigate here and highlight "main".:

H_Key_Current_User/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main

delete the "window placement"  DWORD from the right hand side

That should just about do it. This results in IE opening to the default window size of either maximized, which you can determine in the same area upstairs there by looking for a "Full Screen" string value, if this is set to "non" then IE should open up at about 60% of your screen size....If that is not the size you want, then re-size that first window to the way you like it and then click File Menu=> Close...this is important, do not click the X in the upper right, use the file menu, then close---if I remember correctly doing it this way makes it the default window size in the registry, if yuo simply click the X after that, yuor default window size should never change, unless malicious software changes it for you...

Lemme know if that file menu=>close thing works will ya---it's been awhile.




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