Cyrillic characters in Access table


I'm using Access-based ADO tables in my Delphi application. Some fields can contain Russian (cyrillic) characters. When I run it on a computer with Russian default system locale, everything is OK. But when the default system locale is different (English), all the cyrillic characters turn into question marks. Is there any way to provide that they are treated properly under any system settings?

Vadim Smolensky,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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you need to have that language added to the "Language settings for the system"

even if that is not your default language

your default language can be english, but you need to add Cyrillic to the list

open Regional Options in the Control panel, General Tab

at the bottom there's a list called ""Language settings for the system"", check Cyrillic
VSmolenskyAuthor Commented:
No, it's not my case.
I haven't mentioned that this problem arises only when I run my application under Windows XP. In your post, you definetely meant another version (probably 2000). There's no "Language settings for the system" in XP but there's a list called "Code page conversion tables". On my computer, all the cyrillic checkboxes in this list are checked. And all the cyrillic letters appear properly - except for those extracted from the Access database. Therefore, I think it's a problem of Access rather than the whole system. Under Windows 2000, this doesn't happen.
in Windows XP would be "Regional and language options" in the control panel

then in the language TAB, suplemental language support check both boxes, that might fix the problem, seems like in XP most languages are preinstalled and you just have options for right-to-left languages and east asian languages
VSmolenskyAuthor Commented:
What are you talking about? Russian ISN'T a right-to-left language! It's a Indoeuropean language with just different letters. And, again, these letters look absolutely OK except those taken from Access database.
right, I didn't say that...

if it seems to be related only to ACCESS you might want to try posting in a different category

I found this in the MSACCESS category, it was accepted as the correct answer:
" Access doesn't have a crylic option for record storage.
It must be stored as a memo field or text etc...."

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