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Tablet PC usage


I have not really looked into tablet pcs, but would I be correct in saying it is not possible to run everyday applications on the tablets. I am currently at uni and I am doing a computing degree, so I was wondering if I could use a tablet pc to develope software programs, such as java, vb. Is there a program available in the tablet pc form that would allow me to do this.

3 Solutions

Tablet PC has it own limitations. Check here:

A pentable PC is more or less like a taylor-made PC with scaled and tweaked operating systems.
Normally, both Windows 2000 and Windows XP are quite limited as to what you can use.
There are added support for handwriting recognition which is impletemented in the Windows versions for pentablets.
When it comes to 3:rd party software, this is normally not a problem as the standard support for Windows is enough to
run the software, even on a pentablet.
To be honest with you, my personal opinion would be to develop such things on a normal PC as it is
frustrating enough to use the on-screen keyboard when you are working in Word or Excel.
However, external keyboards and a mouse easily solves this problem.
i have to agree with BjornEricsson, use a PC. After all your teachers are not wanting your to write the source code in class :P

If you absoluty have to have mobility, then i would suggest a cheap laptop.
CyartAuthor Commented:
I have a laptop already, but I was wondering if it is possible to use say JCreater on a tablet PC and with handrwriting recognition write the code for the program thus eliminating the need for a keyboard. Just wondered if it was possible.


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