Event ID 7031 Spooler Service Crashes

Hi everybody,

I  keep having this problem with the print spooler on my windows 2000 server, its happens atleast once a day and there is no pattern or anything that can be identified to what is causing the spooler service to crash.

I have visited the microsoft website and requested the hotfix 820550 (Spooler Service Crashes When You Submit a Print Job and an Event ID 7031 Message Is Logged in the System Log) which microsoft sent me link and I downloaded.

Once I applied this patch about an hour later the print spooler service crashed again. Are there any other fixes or issues that could be causing this spooler service to crash apart from windows?

the messgae is:
24/11/2004 8:58:26 AM      Service Control Manager  7031  SQLSERVER       

The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 1 time(s).  The following corrective action will be taken in 0 milliseconds: No action.

Thanks Anthony
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What's your sp level? Make sure it's sp4, however assuming that it is, worth looking through the posts here, just in case you haven't seen them already. Let us know if you have,

Deb :))

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I've seen stuff like this when either poor drivers were loaded or a corrupt job was stuck in the queue.  Have you added printers or updated any drivers recently?  You might also check for updated drivers if you have not.

When the spooler is running properly check and see if any jobs are stuck in the queues and if so, delete them.
Anthony_EAuthor Commented:
Hi Deb, yes I have been to that site and seen some of thier suggestions though i was looking for another fix or something before trying them out, I do have SP4 installed, Eagle6990 no new printers have been added lately nor new drivers installed, also no jobs stuck in the print queues or any files in the c:\winnt\system32\spool\printers directory, if no other suggestions work then i might try updating the print drivers.

thanks for your time
Anthony_EAuthor Commented:
Ok seems to have been a problem with the printers power cable, some fool pushed the cabinet its sitting on right up against the power cord bending it pretty much flat, dunno how it still worked but the answer was from that site i looked at previously that deb mentioned so ill have to give the points to her.
I was having this issue and this solution worked for me. found on the Link Deb posted...

Dennis Balogh (Last update 9/27/2003):
From a newsgroup post: "It appears that the Print Spooler has failed, and was unable to (or not configured to) restart itself. When the Print Spooler is not running, printers will not be visible in the Printers folder, and you will be unable to add any new printers. Any number of things could cause the Print Spooler to fail. These include corrupt print jobs, incompatible or problematic printer drivers or port monitors, file or disk corruption, and even other applications or processes interfering with the spooler in memory. If you attempt the restart the Print Spooler manually and it immediately fails, it may be trying to process a corrupt print job after starting. This is one common cause for Print Spooler failures that occur immediately. If the Print Spooler starts and printing functionality returns for some time before failing again, then a driver or port monitor is likely the cause of the problem.
To remove spooled print jobs that could be causing this problem, simply remove (or delete) files with extensions of ".spl" or ".shd" from the Spool location while the Print Spooler is stopped. This location is generally "c:\<windows directory>\system32\spool\printers" (it could have been manually changed). Once any existing spool files have been removed, try restarting the Print Spooler again to see if it runs normally. If there are no spooled print jobs (.spl or .shd files), or if removing existing spooled print jobs does not change the behavior, then a driver or port monitor may be to blame. M260142 provides more in-depth information that will be helpful while troubleshooting further".
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