Stupid question from a begineer

Hi all,
        I've often written simple programmes in C and everytime I run them it's via a DOS looking window. Now this looks a bit dated to me and I was wondering what language do i need to know so that I can have a fancy windows looking GUI where you fill in the input values into a box. Is it possible to incorporate the original C code somehow. Stupid question but we all gotta start somewhere! Cheers
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Daniel Van Der WerkenIndependent ConsultantCommented:

To have a fancy windows-looking program, you need to write a windows C program.  It will have a WinMain() function, a ton of create windows structure stuff, and a messge loop that sends windows messages to your program along with a standard default windows procedure called WinProc().

There are a ton of books out there on how to do this. You'll need a C compile that has or knows about the Windows programming environment to include the windows.h file, and library files.  This is quite a large thing to do.

In the meantime, a simple C program written without all of this will run in a console window (DOS box).  Most of the C programs i write *for* windows are console apploications as they need to do things in the background and a display is not important.  

The topic of windows programming is extremely vast and complex.  

Hi Shav,

What compiler are you using?  You should install Visual Studio 6 or Visual Studio .NET if you want to easily create windows applications.  All of the code to create a simple windows application is automatically generated for you.   You just have to add the features you want

If you use Visual Studio 6 you will want to create an MFC project (c++).

If you use Visual Studio .NET you can create an MFC project (C++) or WinForms project (C#).

There are also a lot samples available to show you how to make robust windows programs.

Good luck,


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