PL/SQL problem with 'drop sequence' when called within procedure

Hello there,

I want to create a procedure that creates then drops a sequence (the actual procedure does a lot more but this is the part that does not work).

So I assumed that I would use the following:

create or replace procedure create_then_drop_seq is

   create sequence my_seq
   start with 1
   increment by 1
  drop sequence my_seq;

But when I try and execute the procedure it does not work. Even though the lines of code in the procedure work when I input them raw into the SQL console?

Hopefully there will be a nice and simple answer to this question (he says with fingers crossed!).


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The problem is that not all of SQL is valid from within PL/SQL.  Specifically, DDL is prohibited.  This is the workaround:

create or replace procedure create_then_drop_seq is
x number ;
   execute immediate 'create sequence my_seq start with 1 increment by 1 nomaxvalue';
   execute immediate 'select my_seq.nextval from dual' into x ;
   dbms_output.put_line(x) ;
   execute immediate 'drop sequence my_seq';
   when others then
   execute immediate 'drop sequence my_seq';
   raise ;

Note that the sequence is NOT local to the procedure, so if two sessions were to use the procedure they would
share the same sequence.  I assume that this is what you want, because otherwise you could just use a local (or package) variable and then just say:

x := x + 1 ;

Hope this helps

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BeamAuthor Commented:
Its works now thanks Tony.

Also thanks for the clear explaination.

Its good to actually understand why you are doing something.


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