Downloading a file through home network router

I'm trying to download a file through a downloader client. It works fine on a computer in a friends house. however on my network at home when the download starts i get this message:

Create Directory Call...
Create File For Download...
Failed to retrieve a HTTP 200 status.
Error Code 404

I have a braodband modem/router here. Could that be causing a problem how can i configure it so that the file will download?

thanks alex
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alex_wareingAuthor Commented:
Or could it be to do with SP2, i have turned windows firewall off and i still get this message
If you use a peer-to-peer network (where others can also download from you) that will be disturbed by the router or any firewall. A simple download via http shouldn't be the problem, right? What software do u use?
alex_wareingAuthor Commented:
I'm downloading from my universities MSDN academic alliance system. its just a little file that you download and run and it downloads and unpacks an ISO image
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You should't have a problem with downloading a file through most routers as long as they are stateful (ie remember who sent the file request and where to redirect the response). Few things to try would be:

1. Check that there is no firewall blocking access from your routers end.
2. Log onto the router and forward port 80 to the client machine trying to download the program (this is a temp measure that you will need to disable again!).
3. Try setting up your routers address as a http proxy (port 80) on the client application.
I fear, that the file that you download (and that is started after the download) initiates a secondary download-type that is far away from the standard (for example using an unusual port or a blocked service or needs incoming traffic)

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alex_wareingAuthor Commented:
hmmmm i haven't managed to work this out yet. although it may just be the file as other files from the site download fine. however its still a little strange that this particular file will download at some elses place but not at home for me!
Well sorry for you but anyway thanks for the points ;-)
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