Regex to do some replacing

If I have the following in some HTML
<IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="cid:00c801c4a19b$847576f0$6500a8Garyc0" align=baseline border=0>

I need to get this bit i.e. the src of the image

and replace it with for example this

I'm not sure if the src will always be enclosed by " "  but I can't find any that aren't, and this only applies to the img tag but obviously src could be in other tags so it needs to check that it is an img tag.
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GaryAuthor Commented:
Read the question I asked
gary, here's something i tested that might work, but it does based on the presumption that the string inside the "src=" is surrounded by double quotes:

dim regExpTest, testString
set regExpTest = new regexp
regExpTest.Pattern = "src=\x22\S+\x22"
regExpTest.IgnoreCase = true
regExpTest.Global = true

testString = "<IMG alt="""" hspace=0 src=""cid:00c801c4a19b$847576f0$6500a8Garyc0"" align=baseline border=0>"
testString = testString & "<input name=""ok""><IMG src=""fdsgsg345345346534534fs"">"

testString = regExpTest.Replace(testString, "src=""whatever.jpg""")



basically this is the reg expression i used:


where "\x22" represent a double quote
"\S" = all non-white space character, so i also assume there is no space in the src string.
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>>it needs to check that it is an img tag.

hm didn't pay attention to that the first time.
gonna need to modify the reg expression

This should do the trick

Function ReplaceImgSrc(strIn, strNewSrc)
dim objRX
set objRX = new RegExp
with objRX
      .pattern = "<IMG ([^>]*)?src=\x22?([^ >]*)\x22?([^>]*)?>"
      .ignorecase = true
      .global = true
      ReplaceImgSrc = .replace(strIn, "<IMG $1src=""" + strNewSrc + """$3>")
end with
set objRX = nothing
end Function

'test code
dim str
str = "line 1<IMG alt="""" hspace=0 src=""cid:00c801c4a19b$847576f0$6500a8Garyc0"" align=baseline border=0><BR>line2"
msgbox ReplaceImgSrc(str, "new.jpg")



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GaryAuthor Commented:
Seems to work grand for me Hilaire
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