MS C++ IDE ERROR - There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\dr1


I recently installed a new hard drive on my pc
and for some reason if named the drive to 'H'
anyway i didnt realise this until i installed window xp on it
and about 30gigs of stuff off my other pc

everything works fine

excpet microsoft visual studio v6

when running c++
it pops up a message

"There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\dr1"
and i cant get rid of this message it keeps popping up
and i have to close visual studio down

there doesnt seem to be nay reason for the message popping up
it just does between 2-5 minutes

i think that its becasue my drive has been renamed as i didnt have this problem before
though it even happen with new complied programs not just old-drive ones

so i guess vis stud is looking for a c -drive

i have tried the following after searching on net
delete the OPT file and restarting
deleting the files in the debug folder

nothing is working

does any one have any ideas on how i can solve this problem?

thanks in advance
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Did you try to uninstall the visual studio and reinstaill it?
liseperuAuthor Commented:
when i put my drive in i formatted it and installed windows
then i installed ms studio on top of that

so iwouldnt expect it to be that
but i will do it and see what happens

liseperuAuthor Commented:
just to clarify for 'bytes00'

this ms studio open fine

it works fine
it compiles and executes

then between 2-5 mins i get the stupir windows alert message
which wont be closed, confirmed or ignored
as it just pops up repeatedly until i have to close ms down

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liseperuAuthor Commented:
ok this is what i tried

reinstall - it didnt solve problem
ran regedit looking for any links to C://
didnt find any

though i wasnt entirely sure wot i was looking for
i just checked the hkey_current_user keys in the software>>microsoft visual folder

they all seem to point to H;// as it should be

any other ideas?
ok now try this.

i prayed for your success, but don not blame me if something goes wrong. Good luck.
ok.. u do the same thing.

run regedit. before tht, try to do a backup copy , i.e export the reg. to somewhere safe. u can recover tht later if n e thing happeneds.

U have to goto

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > MICROSOFT > VISUAL STUDIO > 6.0 > ..... (lots of sub folder ( try to check the location "C:" again or change the "C" to "H" )


HKEY_CLASS_ROOT > (try to search something similar to VisualC++ etc, in my case, for VB it's VisualBAsic.XXXXXXXXX

try to check the path.

else detele the key at the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE n HKEY_CURRENT_USER, which points to VisualStudio.

if u found tht hard, try to get PartitionMagic, reconfigure your drive to C: (less risky)

then reinstall.

delete everything which link to your Visual C, eg. I have installed Visual Studio 6.0 then i could c the registry key


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liseperuAuthor Commented:
i think i will have to give this a go over the weekend as it sounds like a mighty task

will let you know how it goes
Once I get such message from Visual Studio during compilation. I found that VS had the reason to show such message: somewhere in the project or in VS settings there was CD or DVD directory. Possible places:

1) #include directive. For example:
#include "E:\file1.h"    // E is CD drive

2) List od additional include/library directories in the project settings

3) List of include/library directories in VS options.
liseperuAuthor Commented:
when i tried to reinstall visual studio
i got the same error

there is no disk.....etc

for the following exe = "ntvdm.exe"

i am looking through the startup files now to see if  anything is there

i did look through the project for references to C:
but there were none

How drive letters look like now? I suppose, that you have something like:
a: (fdd)
d: (cdrom)
h: (hdd, former c:)

If you still have unpartitioned space on HDD, you can create new partition and assign c: letter for it (right click on 'my computer', manage, storage, disk management). Renaming h: might be bad idea (system still should boot, but your installed programs might not found proper path).
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