Scope operator

What is the meaning of the scope operator before LoadBitmap in the code below...

m_button.SetBitmap(::LoadBitmap(AfxGetInstanceHandle(), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDB_GREEN)));

m_button is a CButton object assigned to an MFC dialog button. The goal here is to put the IDB_GREEN bitmap onto the button, and this code does do that, but the :: is not clear.  I understand that normally you would use ::  if you wanted to specify the class, on the left side,   that the method, on the right side,  is to come from, but the left side of this :: is not a class, it's a method of the CButton class. Curiously, the code works fine without the :: and I only put it in because the sample code I got this from had it.

Thanks for any thoughts,
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>>the :: is not clear

::LoadBitmap(AfxGetInstanceHandle(), MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDB_GREEN))

instucts the compiler to explicitly choose the Win32 API 'LoadBitmap()' instead of 'CBitmap::LoadBitmap()', that's why the scope operator is being used - to avoid a potential naming conflict with that method.
stevaAuthor Commented:
Ok, but how does ::LoadBitmap instruct the compiler to use the Win32 version?  From everything I've read, :: separates a class on the left from a method on the right.  What is the meaning, in general, when there's no class on the left?
in general :: instructs compiler get method from GLOBAL namespace.
:: is a scope resolution operator. Often it is used to select the class scope. A different example is the use of cout. If you don't include the line
using namespace std;
you need to specify the namespace of cout for using it:
std::cout << "test" << std::endl;

if no namespace is given infront of this operator the global namespace is used. So ::LoadBitmap used the function from the global namespace whereas LoadBitmap inside a class function will take the corresponding member function of that class (or of any base it is derived when it is accessible).

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