Setup could not detect any sound blaster audio card on your system.

I have a Sound Blaster Live! running on Asus A7V133 mobo. I had been running it for several years under XP Pro with no problems. I upgraded computers, gave this computer to another family member. I moved a hard drive from another PC into this system after removing the C: drive. This new drive had XP Pro on it. It redected all the new hardware and everything works perfectly except the Sound Blaster. I ran aida32 to verify that I had Sound Blaster Live installed and that the system detected it. Aida32 reported a EMU10K1 SB Live! was installed. I downloaded drivers from, they unpack and install in one step. When I double click on the drivers they unpack fine, install shield comes up, I get an error "Setup could not detect any sound blaster audio card on your system". Also, I did download a couple other versions of the driver from various places on the net, with the exact same outcome. How do I get the drivers installed, please. thanks in advance for your assistance.
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Does anything appear as an unknown device in device manager?  Or is it there already?  What appears when you go to Sounds and Audio devices in the Control panel then Audio... are there any default devices for Sound Playback?

Yeah, we need to know if there are any unknown devices or anything with an exclamation mark in the device manager.

If there isn't any problems then it may be that something isnt' plugged into the GREEN plug.
bmwcompmanAuthor Commented:
If I complete the setup without the proper driver loading, a Multimedial Audio Controller device shows up with a ? and an ! in device manager.
The speaker cable is plugged into the green plug.
Ok good then its a normal problem not something weird.  Your problem may be because the card is one of those ENSONIQ AudioPCI 64 cards that creaf sold for a bit after they acquired that manufacturer... but you're saying it's a EMU10K1... could you take the card out and look at the chip on it or find the exact model number?  Perhaps click on the /!\ unknown device and let us know the VEN_????&DEV_???? "Hardware Ids" found on the Details for that device in the Device Manager.

This should just be a matter of finding the proper driver for the thing.  Actually if you still have access to the old computer, you could search the OEM##.INFs in that ones \windows\inf\ directory looking for Creative or SoundBlaster or whatever and get the proper drivers that way.

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Check for the drivers..

Make sure it is properly fixed in the slot..

Good luck

droping my 0.02 Dollars , try cleanning the contacts from the sound blaster card using a soft eraser
and change it to another slot.
bmwcompmanAuthor Commented:
Was not able to obtain the model number from the information presented when I clicked on /!\ unknown device. I took the computer apart and obtained the following information Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Digital, Model SB0220. I went back to and downloaded the LiveDrvUniPack(Eng) from the site again. I assume this is a universal driver for all Sound Blasters in the same fashion that nVidia has one driver that handles all their cards. This is the driver that during install claims there is no Sound Blaster detected.
bmwcompmanAuthor Commented:
I removed the card and cleaned the contacts, moved it to a different slot, no change.
Well then, with WINZIP installed extract all the files from the 23MB LiveDrvUniPack(ENG) and then in device manager update the unknown device saying you have disk and select the drivers in \LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG)\Audio\Drivers\WIN2K_XP\

You can also try installing the diagnostic software in


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bmwcompmanAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in accepting your answer, I was working on a family members PC that does not reside with me, I just got back to try your solution tonight and it worked great. Thank you for you assistance.
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