Join a domain as a member server from across internet

I have a Win2000 Domain across town out on a DMZ.  I have Win2003 on a DMZ at home. I am attempting to join that domain across town as a member server before promoting to a DC.  I have set the DNS of the Win2003 server to the domain across town, and it resolves fine.

Every time I attempt to join, I am prompted for credentials.  After providing sufficient credentials, I get an error "Cannot join, Network path not fond".  

Do I need to VPN through to join from across town?

If so, do I need to maintain the tunnel in order to maintain the remote sites functionality?

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When joining the domain, are you using the fully qualified domain name instead of the short netbios name?  
Here is a link you probably need.

EfpavAuthor Commented:
It is not the NetBIOS helper service.  It is running on both machines.  

Am I using the FQDN???   When joining a domain, the NetBIOS name plus the domain name becomes the FQDN.  Using the FQDN in the NetBIOS name box will result in an error because of the periods, so I guess I am not really sure what you mean...
I would suspect that you will need a VPN.
The key port that Windows needs for domain traffic (port 135) is blocked by most ISPs as you shouldn't be sending that type of traffic over the Internet.


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Sorry Efpay, it was pretty late last night.  Sembee is right.
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