Computer crashes randomly.

I just finished installing a Waterchill cooling system tonight, the CPU temp under load has dropped from 70C to around 55C. However, my computer started crashing randomly during 3dmark01 & 05: the screen freezesand the speakerswould make a contant loud "beep" sound. The watercooling system did leak once during the process and my video card became wet, so I thought it was the cause of the problem. However, the exact same crashing situation happened again even after I swapped in a different video card from another system. Can anyone please give me some suggestions?
P.S. Maybe the AGP slot is wet?
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If some water got on the mainboard that might be the cause. If the water didn't destroy anything for good it might be a good idea to wait a day or two to make sure everything is really dry, then try again (starting off with a barebones system to eliminate other devices from interfering with your diagnostics).
you can dry it with a hair dryer, or put it on the central heating.
For the rest, if it continues crashing, you will have to use an elimination process, hard or soft :
Hard : disconnect or disable everything not needed for the test, and check, if ok, add one by one the devices and test again, until you find the bad one.
Soft :
in the run box, type msconfig + enter
on the services tab, click hide microsoft services, then click disable all
on the startup tab, click ,  click disable all
reboot. if you do not have the fault, you can enable the applications or services one by one.
How are you powering your WCU? If your using a socket from your Powersupply you may be drawing more current then what your power supply can provide, and when 3dmark trys to render some heavy graphics your gfxcard may just pull a bit to much juice to send the system over the edge...
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toattettAuthor Commented:
Well, I finally figured it out. I has to nothing to do with the leaking wather. The motherboard BIOS settings got reseted during the process of swaping in and out hardware. My memory simply wouldn't be stable when pushed @ the default 2.5V, had to change the settings to 2.7V just like I did before.

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