Which hardware/Software platform is suitable for a mission critical Storage/data managementr application ???????

Hi all

I need to make some comparison b/w different available platform to come up with a solution for an application.

It will be a data management application which would invlove very huge amount of data to be read from tape devices.
Therefore , I/O should be of much much consideration, as well as powerful CPU, Bus speed etc.

Now my first question is that,
Which avialable platform could be suitable for such sort of application?? I have example of   platforms like, IBM RS 6000, IBM AS/400, OR Intell based machine Sun/Solaris etc.

Second question is that,
once we come up with some hardware platform, What operating system would bae suitable for this type of application?? for example, Linux or AIX 5.2 or Solaris??

It would be great if any body mention some resource/paper/success story,  that could make a comparison between these hardware and software platforms for such type of mission critical applications? describing Pros and Cons of avialable options.

thanks in advance
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How huge is a "very huge amount of data" ???
1.) It seems you need a lot of tape drives connected by SCSI or FCAL, so you need a lot of
I/O Channels (PCI Slots). Using Sun Systems you may install up to 72 Dual Port FCAL HBAs
and connect them to about 350 SDLT/LTO/.. Tapes  (or Libaries)  Is this huge enough??
2.) When using Sun System you should use Solaris 9 (or 10) it is capable of administrate
and moving lots of data
You will find some whitepapers on http://www.sun.com/storage/wp.html
yasirabbasiAuthor Commented:
When we consider a data management application, it could be following,

It could have Robotic tape libariries along with tape devices.
Concurrnet users to load and unload data from tape deices or from disk.

One example of such system is Tivoli data management application from IBM.

So data could be huge in the sense that we may think to make a bank of agriculture data which coulds provide user an online access to data. Either from tapes or from disk.
This is is responsibiliy of the application to load or unload the data.

Now user response time is much critical to this situation.

So i now again proceed with my question?
That for thisa type of application, which Hardware+Operating system combinition could be best ?

This also could start discussion and isues related to RISC vS CISC based architectures etc.
So I understand that you are looking for an application who can transparently manage user data,
so that the user is not aware if this data is on disk, tape, MO?

When you are using SAM-FS on Solaris  (http://www.sun.com/storage/software/data_mgmt/sam-fs)
your application will have access to an almost unlimited filesystem.
It grows as long as your are able to attach storage devices. So it depends on your hardware.
If you buy a cheap dual proc box with only two PCI slots you may handle up to 1TB data and 100 users.
If you are looking for a system capable to handle 100.000 TB and > 10.000 Users you need a box with
lots of PCIs slots and processor => SunFire 25k


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