Remote Desktop and SVCHOST.EXE Problems

Hi All

I have got two systems both are running Windows XP Prof. I will use System A and System B. The problem which I am facing is:

When I connect to System A from System B using remote desktop connection, the System A restarts.

Also when every I loging i get this error msg "svchost.exe has cause a problem.....", i have some important data on System A and do not want to reinstall all the stuff, is there any way of removing/solving this problem??

thanks in advance for all your help and advice!
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  Sounds like you have the Blaster Worm or a variant on System A you need to run
  some antivirus programs to remove it.

  You can download the trial version of TrendMicro PC-Cillian Internet Security if
  you can't get to the internet with System A burn a disk on System B and install it on A.
  If you can get to the internet you can run the online scan

  If you prefer Norton Antivirus
  online scanner

  Or Mcafee
  online scanner

  Good Luck
means system A has this problem...... so have you yet tried booting in safemode to check if you can run the system there ??
if NO then i think what you should try is to take the hard drive out from the A system and put it as slave drive in System B to run the above AV scans Worked has given..... and check if system is clean or not!

If still you cannot get it resolved,,,, then i think try a repair install.... coz then its not a virus but the svchost.exe file corruption.... so the repair will sort out this issue..... and dont worry the repair will not delete your data or program files,,,,, it will jsut restore the windows system files and programs :)

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP:

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install:

Click here on How To Run a Repair Install:
Are you sure you don't have the blaster family of worms.
Just install the latest updates from WIndows Update and maybe scan your system for worms, if you don't have an AV then you can do that at
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Are you talking about 2 seperate issues here

a) System A reboots while connected via remote desktop
b) System A gives the svchost error while logging into it while working directly on the system

Try to remove system A from the network and then login to see if it would login fine.
If it works fine then most likely it is something to do with Blaster worm. In that case check instructions given by worked4me and also look at this


Removal tool :

Patch :

Virus Alert About the Blaster Worm and Its Variants:

Make sure to run stinger aswell

Is System A connected to the domain ?

Post back how it goes


artorious_ukAuthor Commented:
Hey All.... thanks for all of your advice, i have tried the following on System A

Also - the windows is currnetly upto date with service pack 2.

1. Checked for Blaster Worm and variants on System A - Result: none found
2. Check for Sasser Worm and variants on System A - Result: none found
3. When I login, the system give "svchost.exe has caused...." error, except that the system runs fine. It only reboots once I connect it through Remote Desktop from any other computer.
4. The only problem is that my MailerDaemon mail server and IIS are running on this system and I cannot a do a fresh install, as this will delete all the data.

I will try some of the mentioned options tomorrow as both of these systems are in my office and currently I am home :( but thanks a lot guys, will let you know the details tomorrow....!
Regarding Step 3 , are you watching exactly what happens when you connect from System B .. Are you sure the system doesnot go to LOCK status once you logon from System B ?

Try to do this in System A

boot to normal mode
go to start --> run--> msconfig

go to startup tab and disable all applications except anti-virus and firewall
go to services tab and check "hide microsoft services" and then uncheck all services there

restart and check if you get the error now.

Have you tried to do remote desktop from a system other than System B and checked the status ?

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artorious_uk ...... do you get the same svchost.exe error in safemode also ??
if No then from normal mode try doing this, and restart to check if same error ??

How to perform a clean boot in Windows XP
You can try on the A computer
from the command prompt (you might need you windows xp cd for this)
sfc/ scannow
and if that does not work try
a repair installation ofn windows xp.
artorious_ukAuthor Commented:
hey all

i have tried the following:

as suggested i have the selective startup options, i disable all the services except the MailerDaemon and WinProxy. The system starts fine and there are no svchost.exe errors generated and i am able to connect to system a from other computers via remote desktop.

After some playing around, with the startup services, i found out that MySQL Admin service was the one which generated the error - I uninstalled and reinstalled the service and now the system is running fine, in fact im logged in from System B to System A via RDC, thanks a lot for your help people.
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