Keep email flowing while changing ISP's

We have a single site for email and we are changing ISP's.  My plan is to register the new IP for the mail server as an MX record with a lower preference than our current mail MX record.  

I'm thinking that when we change - incomming mail will try to hit the old IP fail and then resort to the new IP.  After a day or so I will remove the old MX record.

Is this the right thing to do or is there a better way?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi zenportafino,
Yes that will work fine. I have done that in the past and it works well.

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A few comments :-

1. Make sure the extra MX entry points to an 'A' record. It is not valid for it to point to a 'CNAME'.

2. Add a reverse DNS record (PTR) for your new IP address to resolve back to the IP address of your mail server. This is required to avoid problems with your email being clasified as spam.

3. When you move your mail server update the IP address for just before you move. When the server is moved it will be announcing itself as but the DNS will not have updated yet so this may flag up as being a forged sender and some mail may be rejected or classed as spam. Therefore I normally avoid this by changing the DNS last thing at night before the move the following day.
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