Computer seems totaly dead.

I'm almost ready to put this down to a faulty board, but just wanted some second opinions.

3 year old P4 machine with 256 RAM, ASUS P48 board. About a month ago, intermitantly started to refuse to switch on (by switch on i mean, no power, no fans, nothing), and switching itself on in the night, randomly. Now it refuses to switch on at all.

Assuming it was just a faulty PSU, i replaced it but nothing changed. Nothing happens when you press the switch. There is a green light on the board so power is there, but it just doesn't want to switch on. Have tried the switch in another PC and it's working fine. Reset CMOS, unplugged all cards, swapped ram.

Should i do anything else before concluding the board is nacked?
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Try another grafics card, maybe you have an old pci card?
apcs-ukAuthor Commented:
It's an AGP, but i swaped it as you suggested, no difference
Try another power supply, but FIRST : check the cmos battery (button like) it should read 3V or more; if in doubt, replace it (cost = 4$)
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if the lights on the board i wood look at the cpu first then the motherboard try starting the computer with no ram vid card or cpu instaled do you get any beeps from the bios ?
By swapping the vga card I meant replacing the original agp with a pci card, they are usually less prone to errors. But also check the cmos battery as nobus suggests, they can often cause similar symptons.
Seems totally dead the only thing you can do is try to use a AGP or PCI graphics card, use the other of what you are using. I suggest also trying to check the chip as well. It could also be your heating which is more likeley. You should put some more coolign in and maybe open up the case and see if that happens try to get some better airflow. Also check your surge protector if you have one and the power cable.
Is the computer connected to a surge protector? I had a problem similar to this and I resolved that the surge protector was bad.  Try another cable and a known working power outlet.
apcs-ukAuthor Commented:
Tried all that has been suggested - still no luck :-(

Replaced the board and all was well. Thanks for all of the help

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