Moving to roaming profiles

Scenario. 250 machines of various makes grouped into rooms of 30 approx in our school environment. We have 1500 student users who logon at various machines dependent on their student timetable. We moved from a third party wrap round solution, as it doesn't work with XP..

Students already have user.dat in their areas as a hangoover from the thrd party solution. We have prepped images for all the classrooms ready to ghost so everyone works on a .man profile, and the profile works fine.

Having copied the .man profile back to the default user on the new machines, whan a new user logs on it creates a .man and a .dat in their profile path. How do I stop it creating the .dat? I thought it was from the all users folder, but deleted that and it still happens. the .dat seems to take prescedance over the .man, hence screws up the custom menu and security settings in place! Help!!

Will I have to overight the profile settings in 1500 student user areas? Not easy as they already have documents littered about al over there home drive!
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In order to use a roaming profile you need to set it up a certain way.  Below is a link that will walk you through step by step to set up the roaming profiles for your users:

chairborne1Author Commented:
Thanks, but creating the profile isn't the problem. Works fine, for test users in the domain, but how do I roll it out to the 1500 exisiting accounts who already have documents stored on there H drive.
You are migrating local profiles to roaming profiles, so the best way is to have your users save their documents in their respective My Documents folders in their local profiles.  Once that is done, change the profile to a roaming profile following the steps in the link above.  The next time that the user logs on, the local profile will be automatically uploaded to the server and that will become the users roaming profile.  Try it on a few of your test users.
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chairborne1Author Commented:
can't do this either I'm afraid.  As a school we want all users to have the same settings etc. Which means  if users  upload existing profiles then they wont see what we want them to see.  We are ghosting machines with the new default profile as we type. All the time the system is in use, so as users log on at older machines there getting an older non-standard profile. I think the onluy way is to copy the default profile to all 1500 users folders.
What I would suggest then is to use the default domain user profile.  Login as a user in your domain, go ahead and modify the desktop for your requirements, then logoff and log back on as administrator. Right click on My Computer and select Properties.  Click on the User Profiles tab for the user that you created the profile for and then click on the Copy To button.  Here you will need to add the full path of the Netlogon share of a W2k DC. This path must also be that of the Default User.  So as an example the path should be:

\\W2kserver\netlogon\Default User

The Default User folder will be created automatically. Next click on the Change button below Permitted to Use and change the defaul from your original user to Everyone (or whatever group you need it to be).  In this example this will let Everyone use the same profile.  All thats left to do is to click on OK to copy the profile to the new directory and you are done!

As for the documents lying around on everyones machines, I would have my users place them in the My Documents folders.  After that is done, I would then use Basic Redirected Folders. This will copy the contents of the users My Documents folder up to the server. Then I would implement the default domain user profile as I outlined above.  And that should do it.  Hope this helps and good luck!

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chairborne1Author Commented:
Managed to solve this on our own. Using everyone as the same profile was a non starter as dependent on what my users needs are their profile changes,

We created blank profile folders on a spare server, and xcopied the the default user profile to all 1555 folders. using xcopy /h /k /s /e /c /y c:\defaultuser\* c:\profile path\
Then we used a batch file to remove unwanted files in the old homeDrive's before xcopying all the remaining docs to the my documents folder of the new share.
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