Usage report for EMC Clariion CX600

Hello Experts,
I'm now handling a new server, a Sun Fire 6800 connected to a SAN, EMC Clariion CX600. The point is that our client is now requesting a report to see/check the space used/free on the storage. I'm new to this equipment and have no idea on how to do this. I've been using Navisphere with no luck at the moment to get such information. Any help will be very very welcome.
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On the navisphere console, you should see a option for Raid Groups. If you open this out it will give a list of the current configured raid groups that have been setup. Right click on on any of these and choose properties. On this display window you will see how much free space there is in that raid group. Do this for each raid group and you will have total of free space.
To see if you have any spare capacity not in raid groups, right click on the top level icon that has text like "805595846365 CX600" and choose "create raid group". If you seen any devices come up in the list on the right after you click "Manual", then these are free disks and are not in any raid group, and can be considered as free space to be used.
The only way to check how much free space in left inside each LUN is from the OS (solaris in this case) via a df command.

Hope this helps


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dedozAuthor Commented:
Hello  Prof,
Thanks a lot for your guide, it seems I'm going now in the right direction.
The thing is we need to find out  the space used by each host also.
BTW, I have 4 hosts connected to this CX600, I need per hosts statistics. Following your instructions, I have 10 RAID groups, then I  look for their properties, but all of them show the same result, " Free Capacity: .000GB (24,576 bytes)" what I believe is not true since df -k says we have plenty of space.
Any other help will be welcome!
Thanks in advance,
All the raid group prperties show is that ALL the space in that raid group is used up by LUNS. (not how full the luns themselves actually are!!!).
To work out how much space is actually used per lun can be done (as you have seen) by a df command. If you are using veritas volume manager them a vxdisk list command will also show some usage reports.
To see how much space is allocated to each host...

On the navisphere console open up the storage groups. Under each storage group you will see a list of luns and hosts. These are the mappings for each host in that group. So if host XXXXX is in the same group as lun0,lun1,lun2 and lun20. Then this is the total storage presented out to that host. Simply right click on the luns to get the properties (and hence the size of each lun).

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