Internet computing student requires help

Hi Experts,
            I am currently finishing an internet computing degree and its exam time for me. I am just going over a few past papers and wondered if anyone can give me a link to some information that would help me answer these questions;

ii      Describe in detail how an instance of an aggregate (record) type, in a high-level language like Oberon, would be stored at byte level. Illustrate your answer with diagrams, and give fragments of code showing how variables within the aggregate would be accessed.

iii      Objects are formed by combining aggregates with type-bound procedures, but this is not a trivial task when methods can be overridden in subclasses. Explain what is meant by "binding"; hence discuss how an object is bound dynamically to the right methods, and what data structures are required for this.

I could also do with a simple tutorial on turing machines, any help would be very useful.

Thanks, Chris.

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A good way to revise this kind of thing is to use other university material.  A lot of it is listed in Google, and allows access by anyone. Bass20 has probably searched Google for the above links, you should do this directly, and you can quickly find the information you need to help your revision.

Good luck with the exams!
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