Should I use ADO or BDE when I connect to an Oracle 8.x database. My Delphi program is supposed to able its user to view, edit, and add data in a table.
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defintivly ADO or a native ThirdParty Tool, but no BDE (is outdated, never supported)

meikl ;-)

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Agree with meikl ;-)
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:

I have done both in my past, btw. They both have some nasty issues that are a bit difficult to solve. But Borland isn't updating it's BDE version anymore, in favout of other techniques. If you compare both the BDE and ADO, then you won't find many differences, but ADO is more flexible to work with.

Grant points to Meikl, btw. ;-)
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yup... ADO, no discussion about it
no no... BDE? noooooo....

ADO all the way, definitely! ;-)
BDE is too klunky, bogs down deployment...

Well, if you are not going to change your database vendors, another alternative is to go for Native or Direct Access components for your specific database... will generally be faster, performance-wise... but it ties you down to that particular database vendor...
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Still, it amazes me... About 8 years ago, everyone considered the BDE the ultimate solution for database development. It was what made Delphi into what it is today: a great RAD tool. Before the BDE, database development was quite difficult. But with the BDE, the greatest dummies could even write database applications...

But in all those years, it never improved like Microsoft was improving it's own database support. MS also had the advantage that they could make it part of the operating system and/or deliver it with MS Office to every Windows user. The BDE, wonderful as it was, slowly turned into a bloated concept, since "MS database tools didn't need to install any database drivers". (ADO was already installed with Office or some other MS product.) Furthermore, Borland just dropped the support for it since the BDE is a bit too limited to a single platform.

Borland now has DBExpress as a replacement for the BDE. A bit more flexible but not as stable as ADO. Less bloated than the BDE too but with a limited support for certain databases. DBExpress has been set up as a platform-independant system thus you code could be ported to Kylix, if need be. But Kylix seems to be a dying product and thus it becomes questionable if you're ever going to be able to port your code...

Third-party components are fine too, in many cases. It's just a bit difficult to find some good ones. Currently I'm using FlashFiler right now from TurboPower because it doesn't require any external DLL's or drivers or whatever. And it's definitely built for client/server development through TCP/IP. But this too is a bit of an old product. And it's not easy to set up a good environment for it. ADO just saves you a lot of trouble if you want to develop quickly.
I find ado easier to deploy...bde requires installation of the bde engine and setting up the location of the database (or alias)....
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