Another domain & smtp

Hi Guz

I am new to EE (just 1 month only) but so far it has been pretty useful and enlightening working experience with u guys.

so far the questions I had asked were properly answered , thanks.  

I have a bit twist scenario which I need to settle ASAP, appreciate ur input.

My company say ME engineering ( using Domino 6.5.2 running on win2k server and managing 100 over mail users.  

Now my company has established a new small sister company called ME infrastructure ( and I have to setup an email system for them.

I ws wondering if somehow I could use my existing  domino server to facilitate them as well rather than going for other options like , outsourcing, install separate domino server at their premises etc etc.  

Is it possible in lotus notes that I could create a new smtp/pop system for them w/o disturbing the current setting of me-eng.

I was wondering that my existing lotus notes will behave like a smpt/pop for this new domainy similar to the solution when u get pop/smtp from any  ISP.

can  lotus notes allow me to create new domain/smtp and allowing me to create me-infr domain users?

I have not done this before so will appreciate ur expert comments and procedure to accomplish this task.

I am pretty aware of “domino partitions” which I belief can also help but I do not want to install another domino partition on current server.

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>can  lotus notes allow me to create new domain/smtp and allowing me to create me-infr domain users?

yes.. Goto Global Domain document and set alternate internet domain aliases !

blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
thnx Hem

i knew little bit about this Global document but now i have gone through this from domino help and other papers and understood.
the concept of "setting up a server to recv mail for multiple internet domains" is there in notes.

setting new dns and smtp inbound for new domain can be setup in domino server.

but few things yet to be clarified .

1-how about adding users who will use this new domain , they hv nothing to do with i belief i cannot register them.

2-i don't use pop service for my current domain and existing users so i was wondering how these guz will fetch their mails on their machines if they use notes client ?

best regards
Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
You must make a distinction between Domains and Certifiers.  You will need a second certifier, and use this to register your other users.

Just create the second certifier using the Domino Administrator (Register/Certifier) .  Use your current server as registration server.  Then create cross certificates (between the 2's, your own org and the new org).  Now start registering people for you new company.  They will have their own certifier - so security is easily maintained with */ME-ENG - notation.

These new users will be in the same Notes Domain, but that is only important for mailrouting really.  Use the Global Domain document to add the internet domain.

You have several possibilities to allow these new users access :
- notes client / replication : over a vpn or by using 'encrypted connections' on the domino server.  Your firewall needs to allow connections over port 1352 to your Domino server (for direct connections, that is)
- web : use iNotes6.ntf as the mailtemplate so these users can read their mail using a webbrowser (you only need http)
- pop3 : not my favourite, but it's possible.  However it's NOT necessary if you use the Notes client for your new users !  



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blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
Hi Dude

Its looks like u r again on edge to win the points :)

we are closer and closer

this 2nd certifier things was cool and it was not in my mind

i did and its O.K , i can register user now with another organization /me-infr

come to global document and user access part

this new company is already connected to our servers and part of lan so i thot to give
them notes client to access server by NRPC, no http no POP. like existing users of me-eng.

in this case they will use me-infr as SMTP MTA to send SMTP mails.

i never ever setup global domain document so was bit puzzle while configuring it .

Keeping in view that they will send smtp mails what should be under the field "Global Domain Name : ?"

in help it says the name should match what u write in server document 'smtp mta' but server document smtp mta re-direct to conf document "smtp settings".

what i think that in order to allow "" to send out mails i should use "SMTP INBOUND CONTROLS" in config dcoument. as follows

Allow messages only from the following internet hosts to be sent to external internet domains:

do i need to use global domain role as well ?

for receiving internet mails for , i think in last just add following in conversion tab

primary internet domain :

alternate internet domain alias :

am i rite?


Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
In the global domain document, you can add the smtp domain names (i mean 'dns' domains) in  the 'Conversions' seciton.  The Global Domain name, is the name of your Domino domain.

And you are correct, that you could add the domain names in your SMTP Inbound (and Outbound) controls.  But you still need a Global Domain document !


blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
thnx Tom

i will do thorough test in next 5 days to make sure all O.k will see how it goes. will revert to accept asnwer .

blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
I 'ld like to thanks to  Tom for his help and do admire his skills and expertises in Lotus Domino

the idea of 2nd certifier was excellent.

i managed to set the global domain document and i can receive and send mail for this new domain.

but in "SMTP INBOUND CONTROLS" i just used the "allow relay for" and it works nothing else.

Regards and thanks again to Tom and Kumar as well
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