Trouble with my HP DeskJet 820Cse. Help Please!

First, thank you very much, in advance, for your assistance. I greatly appreciate it.

I have an HP 820 Cse DeskJet printer. I've had it for quite a while, but it's been wonderfully reliable--until yesterday that is.

Before continuing, I should inform everyone that I've tried shutting off both the printer and my PC to be sure that is not the issue. There are no print jobs waiting to be handled. And I'm 99.9999% sure this is not a port problem or a cable problem. The PC was in the process of printing when this trouble occurred.

Anyway, by mistake I placed two pieces of paper in the paper-feeder area that were stapled together. As I tried to print a document I thought there was a paper jam. Both pieces of paper went through, with a bit of difficulty. Frankly, I've had far worse paper jams than what I experienced yesterday.

To my consternation, for some reason the print cartridges now don't "set" properly. First, when you open the printer cover to access the print cartridges the cartridges' holder is supposed to automatically slide to the middle area of the printer--to allow someone easy-access for changing the cartridges. This no longer happens. Instead, the cartridge holder ends up to the very far left end of the printer. With the power off I've tried (gently) repositioning the cartridge container to both the middle and the far right. No matter where I position it, once power is turned on the cartridge holder ends up banging into the very left side of the printer case and remaining there.

There are three indicator lights on the 820Cse. One is "Power On/Off." The other is "Resume" (in case paper runs out in middle of a print job," and the third is "Print Cartridge Trouble Indicator." When I perform the above-mentioned cartridge-access procedure the "Print Cartridge Trouble Indicator" light briefly flashes, then the cartridge holder slides both left and right. But it never ends up in the middle. Instead, as mentioned, it "bangs" into the left side of the printer and remains there. Finally, both the "Power On/Off" light and the "Resume" light flash continuously (the "Print Cartridge Trouble Indicator" light remains off by this time).

After closing the cartridge-access cover and attempting to print, the very same(!) trouble occurs. I can hear the ink cartridges' holder sliding around and then banging into the left-hand side of the printer. And exactly as occurs with the cartridge-access door open, both the "Power On/Off" light and the "Resume" light flash continuously (the "Print Cartridge Trouble Indicator" light remains off by this time).

So, regardless of whether the cartridge-access door is open or closed, the very same result: a print-cartridge holder "stuck" way over to the left, and flashing "Power On/Off" and "Resume" light. And no printing occurs (a Windows XP print error message usually pops up to indicate the print job could not be completed).

Might anyone kindly assist me in solving this? I have trouble believing a very, very brief "staple jam" caused this. It went through with only a brief hesitation. Nothing is caught in the printer. Strange!

Thank you!

Marylyn :))
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you can clean the positioning strip if it is accessible; it requires taking the cover off on most models
marylyn27Author Commented:

Dear Experts-Exchange,

First, thank you, Nobus, for your attempt to help--both here and at my other posting.

Second--I managed to solve this one myself. This printer is long out of warranty, so HP was of no assistance. It's not worth spending thirty dollars, or so, repairing this thing. It's still a good printer--works perfectly absent this ink cartridge cradle issue--but not worth investing in anything but a very quick fix.

So, I performed a Google search online for "HP ink cartridge cradle troubleshoot." Well, I discovered an obscure reference in one of the hits saying that by taking the ink cartridges out of the cradle, turning the printer off, then holding the "Power On/Off" button down for 30 seconds you could "reset" the PC to factory default. The strange thing is, the reference was for an entirely different HP model. They must use the same, basic reset format for most/all of their printers. Anyway, it worked. After pressing (for 30 seconds) and then releasing the "Power On/Off" button, sure enough the ink cartridge cradle went through its normal motions and ended up right where it should be--in the middle of the PC for easy access. The printer functions like new. The cradle no longer bangs up against the left hand side of printer housing and remains there.

Funny, but there was no mention of this factory default reset in my manual. I wonder how many people have simply tossed their printers without realizing a solution is just 30-seconds away.

Marylyn :)  
good for you !
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