Problem saving attachment using TIDPop3 component (cannot save attachment)


I adapted a program to run as a service that retrieves mails using a TIDPop3 component, save attached excel sheets, and do some processing on the contained data. I tested it on a W2K workstation and WinXP PC, without a problem. But when I installed it on W2K server PC, I got the error message that the attachment cannot be saved. The component can retrieve the email message without a problem, but fails to store the attached excel sheet.
First I thought about security settings, the service uses the Local System account. (Note: the service is not interactive with the desktop and has no dependencies). But then the services keeps a log of the performed actions, and the logfile is stored in the same directory where the attachments have to be stored. (There is enough diskspace available of course. I even tried to save the file on a network drive, but that didn't work either.)
Is there a way to get more diagnostic info from the component itself, f.i. what the actual reason is why the file cannot be saved? And does anybody have idea why in a specific case the saving of an attachment wouldn't work.

Thanks in advance,
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maybe it saves under a temp name then renames it. if so make sure the user has both modify and delete rights.

ecomasterAuthor Commented:
Indeed, the TIDAttachment component (from the same Indy suit) first stores the file in a temp directory (I don't know which one yet) and the copies it. The service uses the Local System account, how can one check what rights this account has? Actually I thought this 'account' could read/write in all the local drives/directories.

to find the directory try going to
then running this, this monitors all file activity on the computer, it should let you see where it is trying to save

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ecomasterAuthor Commented:
Hi, sorry for the late response. The tools on the site were very helpful to find out which temp directory is used.
It seemed to have been a problem with user rights, cause I reinstalled the service using an administrator account and haven't been able to reproduce the error since.
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