Non Overlapped Serial Ports

I am using Embbeded Visual C++ 4.0 to write an application on Pocket PC 2003 platform to communicate with another device via bluetooth serial port profile. I undestand that serial ports on PPC are Non Overlapped. I have to create a thread to read data and a thread to send the data. My problem is that my application can only send data once and then hangs. How do I synchronise the write thread and the receiving thread. is there any difference in using AfxBeginThread and CreateThread functions ? I also need to read all the data when it arrives in  the receive buffer instead of reading it character by character and specificing the receive buffer size limit. How do I implement an event handler to do this ? I have not put any of my code because I have decided to start all over again. Could someone please help it's quite urgent.

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I would suggest to have only one thread which does all the communication with the serial port. The advantage of 2 threads for sending will be removed by the need of synchronising access to the serial port. My idea is to use an UI thread:
and do the reading in the OnIdle of the CWinThread class and writing is done in a message handler.

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>> How do I synchronise the write thread and the receiving thread

You'd use a CRITICAL_SECTION to protect the data and e.g. an Event to signal 'data ready'

>>is there any difference in using AfxBeginThread and CreateThread functions ?

The 1st one is MFC-only and can handle CWinThread objects, that's the main difference.
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