Reformatting computer running Windows 2000 Pro

I have reformatted several computers before using the Windows 98 startup disk.  
I am trying to reformat my friend's computer that is running Windows 2000.  He has had nothing but trouble with it and wants to return to Windows 98.

Normally when I put in the floppy Windows 98 startup disk, I go to the RAM drive (D:) and type format C:/s and I'm able to reformat it.

When I tried it on my friend's computer, it just won't work.  He said he has lost all his CD's that came with the computer.  I think the computer originally had Windows ME and don't know how he installed 2000 on it.

Is it possible to reformat this computer and reload the Windows 98 program.
 What can I be doing wrong.  When I put the Windows 98 startup disk inHis computer says:  Not ready reading Drive D.

Could someone help me get this computer reformatted.

Thank you so much.


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The C drive is probably formatted as NTFS.  You'd have to use FDISK to first remove the partitions and recreate them then format it.
Yes, it is possible, but the partition is probably formatted ntfs, and this is why the 98 boot disk can't read it
you need to use fdisk to remove the don dos partitoin , and then create a new partition, and then reboot and format it
or use delpart
how to use delpart
and if you don't want to unzip the first link here it is unzipped
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
(Although I think going back to 98 is a major step backward - Be better to know what the problems were and fix them or understand why they were happening...)
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I agree with leew.  I would fdisk the drive and make sure that I wiped the entire drive clean.  Then I would install Windows 2000.  Unless of course this computer does not meet the requirements for a Windows 2000 install and if thats the case,  could be the root of the problems.  
Run the setup programm of W2K again and there you can delete the NTFS partition and create new ones. But note of the limitations of DOS / FAT partitions. After creating new partitions, you can stop the setup and install W98.
Jeanne061397Author Commented:
Thank you everyone for the excellent support and help.  

I want you to know that my friend says it does not have the Windows 2000 CDs so that is why I can't reload that version.  Also the computer originally came with Windows ME and he said when he moved he lost all the disks so we have nothing.  

I did go on the Gateway site and looked up his Serial Number and have downloaded all the necessary drivers, such as modem, sound card, etc. from Gateway's site.

I did take  stevenlewis's advise and downloaded delpart and followed the instructions on the  how to use page.

I think I did get rid of the partitions but now I'm lost again.  I do have the Windows 98 floppy startup disk in but do not know what to do next.  Should I try to Fdisk it now.
I tried to run the Fdisk from the  A:Fdisk C: but I get an error message saying "Parameter format not correct  - c:"

I'm afraid I may be a little over my head on this one.  I have only reformatted a Windows 98 drive and when I put in the Windows 98 Disk, I went to the D (RAM) drive and typed
D:format c:/s.  (Previous instructions I received to reformat computer.

Please help, I feel so dumb.  Thanks.

Jeanne061397Author Commented:
One more thing, I did read the help menu and it said to FDISK the C:

When I did this I get a message saying in part:
Your computer has a disk larger than 512 MG.  This verison includes improved support for large disks and allowing disks over 2.0 to be formatted as a single drive.

Dio you wish to enable large disk support (Yes or No)  I don't know what to answer Y or N.

Thanks again

No, just type fdisk and press enter
then say yes to large drive support
you will then get a screen that looks like this
                              FDISK Options

 Current fixed disk drive: 1

 Choose one of the following:

 1. Create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive
 2. Set active partition
 3. Delete partition or Logical DOS Drive
 4. Display partition information

 Enter choice: [1]
I suggest choosing option 4 first to make sure the partitions are gone, and if so, then press esc to get back to the options, and choose option 1 and create the partition
then reboot and format it

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Jeanne061397Author Commented:
Thanks loads for the help.  I am in the middle of reformatting the C: and then will load Windows 98 on this computer.  If I have a problem further on I guess I'll have to write to the Windows 98 people.  Hope they are as good as you guys.

Thanks again.  I couldn't have done it without you.


P.S.  I know it is going backwards returning to Windows 98 but my friend was so frustrated with the 2000 version and since he doesn't have the CD to reload it, it is better to get the computer up and running again.  Windows 98 worked well for him before and since he is almost blind and uses "Zoom Text" to manipulate what he needs, he doesn't need any other frustration.

Glad we could help! and good luck to you :-)
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