Save DTS Packages

Is there a way to automate the export of DTS PAckages to a *.DTS file, rather than opening each one manually?
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I don't believe there is an easy way to automate this job from within SQL. There is a tool out there for free called DTS Backup. I have used this tool before and it makes a nice job of saving DTS packages to a .dts file.

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Partha MandayamTechnical DirectorCommented:
Here's how you can do this using vb

sub savepackages()

Dim objDTSAppl      As DTS.Application
    Dim objPkgSQLServer As DTS.PackageSQLServer
    Dim colPkgInfo      As DTS.PackageInfos
    Dim objPkgInfo      As DTS.PackageInfo
    Dim strMsg          As String
    Set objDTSAppl = New DTS.Application
    Set objPkgSQLServer = objDTSAppl.GetPackageSQLServer( _
        "(local)", "sa", "", DTSSQLStgFlag_Default)
    Set colPkgInfo = objPkgSQLServer.EnumPackageInfos("", False, "")
       Set objPkgInfo = colPkgInfo.Next
    Do Until colPkgInfo.EOF
        dim filename as string
        'create filename for each package
        filename="c:\packages\" + + ".dts"
        'save to dts file
        objPkgInfo.SaveToStorageFile filename
         Set objPkgInfo = colPkgInfo.Next

end sub()
Here is another way to do it with the DTSRUN comand line and a query in SQL QA, no external program needed.
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platinumbayAuthor Commented:

I got your code working except for one line:

Says the method is not a member of DTS.PackageInfo.  I am using the v2.0 DTS interop.
platinumbayAuthor Commented:
The DTS BAckup tool worked great, thanks!

Thanks also for the code, I will be using it in the future.  I got it to work as well:

    Sub ExportPackages()
        Dim app As New DTS.Application
        Dim FileName As String
        Dim s As DTS.Steps
        Dim package As DTS.PackageSQLServer
        Dim infos As DTS.PackageInfos

        package = app.GetPackageSQLServer(SQLServer, SQLUser, SQLPass, DTS.DTSSQLServerStorageFlags.DTSSQLStgFlag_Default)
        infos = package.EnumPackageInfos("", True, "")

        For Each info As DTS.PackageInfo In infos
            If infos.EOF Then Exit For

            Dim pkg As New DTS.Package
            FileName = "d:\sqldata\dtspackages\" + pkg.Name + ".dts"
            pkg.LoadFromSQLServer(SQLServer, SQLUser, SQLPass, DTS.DTSSQLServerStorageFlags.DTSSQLStgFlag_Default, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, info.Name, Nothing)
    End Sub
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