Build a Network?

I am doing a network design, there are two companies, they both loacted in one city, one is called print company and has four desktop pc, two for sales department, one for accounting and another just normal used by manager and has standard dial up modem fitted and one high end print driver located inside this building for printing high quality image. there is no network inside this company.

another company is design company, their job to design those high quality image and send to the print company and print out. they have six Apple PCs and one Sun Sparc station (used as a file server) supported by a legacy AppleTalk network, file a currently delivered to design company on hard media and external network access is restricted to one of the Apple PC's fitted with a standard modem.

 now i wan to build a single corperate network to connect those two companies together, and aslo they want web enable communications for customers such as reviewing pricing, schehuling and delivery and contact pionts for the sale's and production manager.

Anyone can help me build up this kind of network?  
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>Anyone can help me build up this kind of network?

Yes, but I think you would benefit from an on site consultant.  This is a pretty complex design.
yes how much network design experience do you have?
It can be done, depending on your operating budget and what would be acceptable to your companies in regards to access and security. For example, one solution would be to create centralized servers at each location that (like the design location) would distribute to numerous workstations. The servers would be set up for vpn connection software (Citrix, for example) and resources shared accordingly. A requirement for this scenario and probably all others would be to have a High-Speed Internet connection at each site, as higher speed connections would not necessasrily be cost efficient; the access for each network, I assume,  would be for certain users only and you could give access via vpn to whomever is applicable. Printing services could be  shared as well through the HS network connection providing the permissiona are in place in your server setup. The web enabled feature could be done through a doamin hosted website and webserver setup at the location of choice.

There are many different scenarios and solutions to this one, cheaper is better but you may want to investigate what level of access and security these companies are comfortable with. You may want to consult as kminfotech suggested.

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malong2000Author Commented:
i don't have to much network design experience, you guys solution is very good, i need to follow the system development life cycle. i need a network not cost too much money and use as many as current computer facilities?

Please help me at this area, i will appreciate that!!!!

Thank you!!!!
This is going to be one heck of a project with a low budget.  I still think a local consultant would be best.  Sometimes you can get help from the product vendors you are using (example:  buying a Cisco switch, talk with the reseller and see what design advice they have).  This is not the best scenerio but you are looking at a huge project.

Before I would even THINK about looking at this, I would have a defined budget, timeline, and expectations (technical and functional).

This is a good place for specific network questions but "design my network" site unseen seems like too much.
Connecting the 2 sites to each other via VPN is no problem. It could be helpfull to know the amount of data you expect to be transferred from site to site. This would determine the connection speed necessary and the type of server to be used (normal file server with active directory, etc; or terminal server).

The difficult part would be the website, as this would need a specialized software solution which probably doesn't exist, so you'd need an external company to create that product for you, with all the necessary interfaces to you production software.
malong2000, I'm going to give it you as broken down as I can from what information you gave.  This is a simplistic viewpoint but should be essentially correct

Major tasks:

1) Install TCP/IP over ethernet LAN at "print" company.
2) Upgrade Appletalk LAN to TCP/IP over ethernet LAN at "design" company.
   -----   Possible Path Below with some assumptions made------
3)Acquire ISP/Broadband connection at "print" company (Static IP)
4)Acquire ISP/Broadband connection at "design" company (Static IP)
5)Define VPN connection between the two LANs
6)Build/buy Web-enabled application

Each of these should be broken down into sub-steps.  Does this help you and do you want me to continue?
kminfotech is especially right about written/defined goals and targets.


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