One Machine on Network Just stopped working one day

Running Win 98SE
This first occurence of this issue is was 7 days ago
I have a wireless router and DSL
3 machines are hard connected to the router and one is wirelessly connected.
Alll the machines receive Ip addresses from the router and can access the internet EXCEPT 1
The one worked fine for a year then just stopped working.  It DOES have an IP address that It got by DHCP.
requests to ping the other machines or access them  do NOT work even though they did earlier today.
(Meaning that the issues is getting weirder by the minute...because its unpredictable.
Virus Scans have turned up NOTHING. (the virus updates were current)
Heres the kicker...all the other machines can still access the internet fine. (indicating the router is fine)
Any Help would be appreciated.


by the way.....the one that stopped working is hard wired to the network
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try this on the borken box

" LSP-Fix, that repairs corrupted Winsock stacks. This can be used to remove entries left behind by and similar software, restoring access to machines that cannot connect to the Internet. You can download it here."


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How do you know it got the address via DHCP?  If it was unable to contact it's original DHCP server to renew the address, it would try to use the old address, as long as no conflict occurred.

A reasonable test of the above would be IPCONFIG /RELEASE and /RENEW.  If you can renew at that point at least you have connnectivity.

Thus I would try the most obvious first, busted NIC.
badmanAuthor Commented:
New Development...

I "jiggled" the network cable and now the local network can be accessed again.
Also I CAN ping my router and every other machine on the local network and get a response
Further I CAN ping Google and get a response (the pings are from a dos window)

Im gonna try the lspfix thing.  I did notice a newdotnet in the startup folder (which I quickly had stopped from loading)

Keep the Ideas coming....IM adding another 25 points!
badmanAuthor Commented:
You Win!  The Lspfix did the trick.

Glad we could help!
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