Macintosh File Record Manipulation, Creator Stamp Change, more depth.

Hello Everyone!

Since the last posting of 'Depth understanding of Macintosh's File Association Mechanism', I had a progress by purchasing of one shareware "FileManipulator2.0", and now know how the Creator signature works.   Now, to develop my own tiny Macintosh utility which run in OS8,9,X, I want to have a few more things to get, they are,

   Rez input for OS8,9
   File Manager for OSX

Are they easy to get (or find)??    From where?   Or any other suggestion?    The following quote is from "Toolbox" under,
which was directed by "davebytes" a few months ago.   Now, I want to input (manipulate) signature by my own way.   Thank you.

Quote, Study Result, below ====

Listing 7-1 Rez input for a signature resource

type 'WAVE' as 'STR ';              /*WAVE is the signature*/
resource 'WAVE' (0, purgeable) {    /*resource ID is 0*/
   "SurfWriter 3.0 © 1992"          /*default Get Info string*/
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mkidoAuthor Commented:
I think my question wasn't clear.  So I will add a few my trials in last two weeks.   To begin with, Filemanipulator 2.0 didn't run at all OS version (but OS9), so I want to develop by my own Codes.    

[How to use MPW 3.5?]
I didn't know that 'Macintosh Programmer's Workshop' is Application (I thought Class-meeting).   I downloaded MPW 3.5 and am now looking at it.   I have a trouble to get started MPW 3.5.   By a quick review, I haven't found Step-by-Step tutorial.   Does someone direct me, especially, I want to compile a tiny C-program under MPW 3.5.   I saw [Resource Input] or [SetFile], but I don't know how to use them.  ??

[Creator Signature Change, Why I need that?]
I didn't explain why I want to do.   When I wrote a tiny C program under CodeWarriorsPro3 IDE, the program runs well, but output files have, even a simple text output, it has CodeWarriors Creator Signature.   Thus, double-clicks can open only in the compiler-installed machine.   This is a problem to share my program with my other Macintoshes and my friends' Macintoshes.   So, I want to change Creator Signature from CodeWarrior to SimpleText or TextEditor.

[By MPW 3.5,  or by CodeWarriorsPro3]
I am still running them under OS9.   The OSX compiler is not available soon to me, because, I don't have the machine.   I can only use OSX at the school now.   Thank you, any suggestion please.  

[I also found 'Finder.Dat' has the Creator Signature in Classic OS - I used PC's floppy and viewed under PC.]
But I cound't figured out how to edit them.  ??

mkidoAuthor Commented:
[I found documentation for How to use MPW!!]
I am still struggling of Creator Stamp change programming, but I  had a minor progress about the question above, so just in case, who takes a similar step like me, I post here.
I found a bunch of references about how to get started with MPW.  
mkidoAuthor Commented:
[About Command 'Rez' (# resource compiler]

Now, I started working on MPW 3.5 and found the command 'Rez' (# resource compiler).   However, I have a trouble reading a file (while I have a success in writing a file - empty though).  
Here is the Syntax of 'Rez'.
          -o [Output_filename]
          -t  [Type]
          -c  [Creator]
Therefore, the following is supposed to read "infile.txt" and to write an "outfile.htm" as a Netscape Creator stamped file (MOSS).
  Rez -o outfile.htm  -t TEXT  -c MOSS < infile.txt

It wrote empty Netscape file, without opening "infile.txt".   Anyone out there who knows MPW Shell, please review and suggest me!   Thank you!
mkidoAuthor Commented:
I finally figured out Creator Stamp Change within MPW 3.5 (Macintosh Progammer's Workshop).   I wanted to know more generic way without MPW, but at least MPW works so fine now.   Here it is,
MPW is a shell and is ready to accept the command line at any blank space.   To execute a command line, there are three kinds of way, and one way is to hit the far-right-most [enter] key (not [return] key).  
   Type a command line, for example, SimpleText file 'File' changes to Netscape file.
   SetFile   -c MOSS   File   [enter]
       where option '-c' is for Creator setting, 'MOSS' is Netscape Creator signature.
   SetFile   -c ttxt   File    [enter]
       where 'ttxt' is SimpleText Creator signature, so it returns back to SimpleText.
   SetFile   -c MSIE   File     [enter]
       where 'MSIE' is Microsoft Internet Explorer Creator signature, so the 'File' becomes Internet Explorer document.
The default directory is usually at the same folder of 'MPW Shell', so make sure the 'File' is there.   Otherwise, need to address Relative or Absolute Path to correctly reach the file.  
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