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In the link below
they are saying how to create a default web application.(changing weblogic.xml for .war file).But i could not do that.
It is in .war format i do not want to  unpack it and change the weblogic.xml(context-root).I tried from console going to that particular webapplication  after that configuration-->Descriptor--> i can find web.xml and weblogic.xml.I clicked on it but it just shows me the file.It does not allow me to edit it .Any of the experts know how to do this and give me the format of context-root that i have to add to make that particular application as default web application.
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To make your web application to be default web app. You can do it by using administrator console.
On the left side pane go to Server and then browse throgh the tab on the right side and look for something like "Default Web Application" or "Default Context Root" There will be drop down list of web application you deployed on that server. Select your application to be default. I am not sure for the menu. I will try to find it for you later.

Note. You can enter admin console by and then put username/password to logon.

The above solution will override all configuration in each Web Application.

I think that you can do that after you configure weblogic.xml because there is already another web application that set to be default web application and deployed on server.
You can not edit the configuration files when you deploy a packed format (war files). YOu can however use the WebLogic BUilder tool to edit the WAR file, so it will include the default context /.
I don't know of a way to do it through the administration console directly.
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The default Web Application is presented to clients who do not specify a URI (or specify "/" as the URI). To deploy a Web Application as a default Web Application, set the value of the context-root element to "/" in its deployment descriptor.

You can specify the context-root element in the weblogic.xml deployment descriptor for Web Applications that are packaged as a .war archive or exploded .war directory. If you package the Web Application as part of an Enterprise Application (.ear archive or exploded .ear), specify the context-root in application.xml. Note that the application.xml context-root takes precedent over the weblogic.xml value.

For more info. refer is providing valuable information about administrating the server....i hope it may help you

koppchaAuthor Commented:
This is one of the ways to make any application as default webapplication.Using the Webserver element in config.xml.
<WebServer AuthCookieEnabled="true"
            LogFileName="./logs/access.log" Name="portalServer"/>
koppchaAuthor Commented:
  I am the author of the question figured out the answer my self and that is what i have given in my earlier comment.Tell me what i need to do.
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