HTTP 500 - Internal server error


I've got an ASP application which is working fine on my local PC which is running on Windows XP.

I'm trying to get the same ASP application working on Server 2003 (small business).
Everything seems to be working fine, but when I get to a specific section of my application this error occurs "HTTP 500 - Internal server error".

Explanation of my doing for this error to appear:
One of the pages has a hyperlink, when I press on the hyperlink a pop up window appears with a form to fill in, then I would add information in the form, then press submit.
This page is then redirected to another page which has the following javascript:


It is supposed to relocate the user to the page they clicked earlier and close the form they submitted.

Like I said above, this solution works fine with my PC that has Windows XP on it, but dont know why its doing this with Server 2003.

Please help.


page with details.  Once the details have been added
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Is there ASP code executing on this page? This error will occur if you have an error in ASP code that is not located in the <body> portion of the HTML. Considering your circumstances though, you might consider ensuring that the 'IUSR_[Machine Name]' user on the server has appropriate priveleges to read/write to/from the database.

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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
If you turn off "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages" in your browser then you should get a clearer explanation of what the exact error is.
carl tawn's should be the number one faq

it's a horrible default setting for debugging
To perhaps further/clarify the above comments, you can turn off "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages" within Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced tab. (carl_tawn)

A 505 error is a server-side error so your client-side javascript IS NOT causing your error. (AgentSmith007)

One you turn off Friendly messages it should reveal a line number with your ASP error.

If your hosting the site your self - check the Windows 2003 server settings as a lot of functionality is turned OFF by default - so you may need a component turned on.
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