Apache Log Rotation


I am facing lots of problem due to heavy logs generated by my Webserver.

I am using the following shell script to rotate the logs...but it's not working properly.
HTTPD_LOGS_DIR=/scratch/content/logs/apache       # path to httpd log dir
YYMMDD=`/bin/date +%Y%m%d`

# This section will move Access Logs #

cd $HTTPD_LOGS_DIR/access
for i in `find . -name "*.$YYMMDD" -atime +0`
 gzip $i
 mv *.gz $HTTPD_LOGS_DIR/logs_backup/.

Can any body suggest me a good Shell script to rotate the Apache logs...

Waiting for a quick Response....

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Hi deepakjena_2003,
You can use the rotatelogs(2) command that comnes with apache(2) to write to the logfile. After logrotet has begun a new file you can zip the old one. If you change a log-file manual you need to reload the webserver so he closes the old file-pointer and starts with a new one. That might be your problem with your script.

deepakjena_2003Author Commented:

i have around 20 domains configured in a single box.

So separate logs are generate for separate Domains.

Log files are generated in different fashion as i have mentioned in the scripts...

So based on this i need a script to automate the proces....

If you reload the webserver after you have archived the files your script should work. Some infomation might be lost during the time you started archiving and the reload of the webserver
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deepakjena_2003Author Commented:
Problems i am facing from my existing scripts.....

1)  Log files are created automatically once i delete the log files after i archive these logs.(without   restarting apache)
2)  sometimes getting incorrect timestamp for the log files.
3)  i tried "> logfile" option also without deleting the log files, but i didn't workout.


deepakjena_2003Author Commented:
1)  Log files are not created automatically once i delete the log files after i archive these logs.(without   restarting apache)
Why are you writing a script to do this, when you can use Linux's built in utility called logrotate. All you need to do is add the files you would like to be rotated to /etc/logrotate.conf. Please refer to the following link for all the details:


A simple config that I use all the time to add to /etc/logrotate.conf would be:

"/var/log/httpd/somedomain-access.log" {
        rotate 5
                     /sbin/killall -HUP  httpd

This will keep 5 weeks worth of logs in a compressed format on the server. Please note that the reason for the kill -HUP is so that Apache can establish the new log file on the restart of Apache. If Apache is not restarted a new log file will not be created. After adding the above to /etc/logrotate.conf you can verify/test the config by issuing the following command:

logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf

Hope this helps. Cheers,


The last guy (cyb3rj0hn) has the correct answer:  you should be using logrotate
deepakjena_2003Author Commented:
Hi John,

here i am putting the access log line from my httpd.conf file.....
CustomLog "| /apps/apache/2.0.48/bin/rotatelogs /data/access/abc.com_access.%Y%m%d 86400" common

above line create access log for abc.com in the format "abc.com_access.20041217"

so daily one log file is created for this domain.

Requirement :
i want to compress and move all logs to different folder(ex: /data/log_backup ) except current date logs and also delete all
logs from "/data/log_backup" folder which are 7 days old.

I guess this will not work out for me, so i have to remove "rotatelogs" implementation from httpd.conf file and follow your technique.

i have some doubts....

1) is "logrotate" calles to "/etc/logrotate.conf" file ?
2) shall i write a script file which will implement "logrotate" and call that script file in crontab ?

Still in Doubt...

Please give me the steps to implement "logrotate" and "logrotate.conf" for this...


I would use logrotate (yes it's logrotate.conf) to compress and rename the logfiles. Then have a second script within cron which moves the logfiles to the backup directories and then deletes old files.

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I agree with hernst42.
deepakjena_2003Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help....
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