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Hello everyone,
I have a big problem which i will like u guys to solve for me. I have a cafe which my ISP is giving me service by a means the call PAY AS YOU USE. I buy ticket from them and through that I can get access to the net. Each Computer is assigned an IP which starts from,34,35 till the last computer I have.I hape u got what I mean i.e (, and so on).The  Gateway is and my DNS is, So is there any way i can assign all this IPs to on computer so it can be my server and then share this computer to the other computers as client computer(Internet connection sharing) I hope i am making sence.
If i use one IP and share it out the speed is too low I need to increase the speed of my connection.
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You can try turning on ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in the properties of the LAN connection on the "server".  However the best solution would be to use a router as the access point for the other computers.
A router is the best solution as AutoSponge has suggested. I would also check with your ISP to see of they have perhaps a better package that includes more bandwidth so  your computers could share the one connection route. The benefit to this would be that a router can spread the bandwidth across all connections and you would not require all the IP's that are assigned; you would set up and IP range from your router and assign a static (or setup DHCP) at the routerfor the main connection. This would actually provide more bang for your buck, so to speak. It may cost a touch more per month for the higher dedicated bandwidth package but you would see the results immediately.

As already stated in your other question you don't have a certain bandwidth for every PCs IP. You only have one physical connection to your ISP, and that is the gateway ( You won't be able to get more speed by pooling your internal IPs. So your only option in improving speed is to get your ISP to provide you with a higher speed (will cost you more).

If you want your pc to act as the gateway to the other PCs through ICS, the other PCs will tak their bandwidth as they need it. You can't limit those PCs bandwidth with ICS. The only way you might be able to assign a certain bandwidth to the Other PCs could be by using a proxy server. A caching Proxy server can also have some other advantage, if one oth users has visited a site, this site is saved in the proxy's cache. If another user later visits the same site he'll get that site loaded much faster, ishe gets it from the proxy's cache and not the internet. Such a proxy will however need a good, big disk and also lots of RAM and a powerfull CPU, that isn't cheap.

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Any solution you put in place for sharing the connection will actually ONLY share the connection. You won't get any REAL bandwidth increase or access speed improvement. Anyway, if all you want to do is to share the internet access, you have several solutions:

1. Use ICS (internet connection server - built in in windows)
2. Use NAT (Network Address Translation - a detailed - therefore more difficult to configure - version of ICS)
3. Use a proxy server (like Proxy ++ or ISA server - which does give you some improvements on speed because of the cache capabilities of a proxy server)
4. Use a NAT router - a hardware internet connection sharing device.

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