Dear Experts,

If you is looking for a Hosting Company do you take a minute of attention to Policies of these Hosting Companies?

I wouldlike hear from you your opinion regarding "what must be" considered essential in a hosting Company and "what is insignificant".

Thank you in advance

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Try this website

may be useful, has an example reccomended contract including hosting.


Regarding the policies of hosting companies, I consider their capabilities, technologies used(ASP, PHP, SSL, SQL), bandwidth requirements ect. to be the most important thing. The title of your question, "Copyright Policy" leads me to believe that this is the subject your concerned the most with. Generally, the 'Copyright Policy' of a hosting company is designed to protect the company and they could care less about what you post to your site on their server. In lamense terms, it's what I call a 'CYA' statement (Cover Your A**). The 'Copyright Policy' is usually there so if you the subscriber are caught posting copyrighted material illegally, the hosting company can deflect all the liability towards you, and they can claim you violated their policy and there for the hosting company can not be held liable.

Regarding the copyright issue, hosting companies do not have the resources to examine every peice of content posted to thier servers and validate its true owner; they would use this exact arguement if ever sued.

Furthermore, they will not apply the 'Policy' too you unless the material your posting is offensive and could give the hosting company bad publicity. For example, the punks that shot-up their High School in Colorado (the Columbine masacre) had a website detailing how they were going to kill their classmates and so on... The site those two created was not taken down 'till after the tragity occurred. Perhaps that is not the best example, but Dillan Clebold and Eric Harris's website violated every aspect of the web hosting user agreement and was not removed from the web server's untill after they slaughter 15 of their classmates. Point being, hosting companies make big and long user agreements but don't enforce them untill a website they host makes them look bad publicly.

To be clear, you should not violate the hosting contract, and most definatly not if your trying to start an online business. If your website will be generating income for you, I'm sure the last thing you would want would to have it yanked off the server your hosting it on (and lose money while it's down).......

dictAuthor Commented:
Hi Mugman,

Sorry by my delay in reply you.

I believe the contents of a website must be protected against illegal use from administrators or another employees of the Hoster.

I will put another thread for discovery where good, traditional and great websites (using databases) hosting their websites.

Certainly there is a way to protect the contents of the website against bad use from Hosters.

Thank you

Ok, I originally thought you were concerned about the content you would be posting would violate some copyright law, now I see it's the other way around.

To protect your own work, make sure of several things. First, choose a well know reputal hosting service; they will be making their money from hosting sites like yours and could care less about what your site contains, the expense of a law suit probably wouldn't be worth it to them.

Second, if you host your site on the server of an American company, all you legally have to do to make it copyrighted is to say it's copyrighted, add the year, and a copyright symbol. Like at the bottom of this very web page, you'll see this,

" Copyright © Experts Exchange LLC 2004. All rights reserved.".

In what ever country you live in, you should copyright it there with your government; under international law you should be protected.

One thing about copyrights, they are only useful if you have a means to enforce them. Basically, you can copyright whatever you want, but unless you can afford a legal battle and pay for attorneys, the cold truth is there isn't much you can do. Your government, nor mine (US) will enforce copyrights automatically, you must be able to afford an attorney to file and push the case.



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dictAuthor Commented:
Hi, Mugman

Thank you for your reply.

I will post a thread for hearing opinions regarding a Hoster with a reputal Hosting services.

There are hundreds of Hosting Companies, like or BUT no reputal.

Really, I am not American, I believe in US Laws! My website is visited by Spanish people and American and UK People - NOT BY BRAZILIAN PEOPLE!

Finally, YES I am looking for an American Hosting Company. I bless in America!


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